11 New Tesla Stores to Open By End of This Week

11 New Tesla Stores will be opened up in the United States by the end of this week.  It is an undoubtedly accepted fact that Tesla Motors, as a company is progressing rapidly.

As a part of extending their business, Tesla will be seen adding 11 new stores in the United States at the end of this week. Almost half of the stores in the list are planned to be opened up in the state of California.

The following are the list of places where the stores will be opened up –

  • Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga CA
  • Del Amo, Torrance CA
  • Fashion Square, Sherman Oaks CA
  • Roseville Galleria, Roseville CA
  • Dallas Galleria, Dallas TX
  • La Cantera, San Antonio TX
  • Christiana, Newark DE
  • Florida Mall, Orlando FL
  • Coconut Point, Estero FL
  • Southpark, Charlotte NC
  • Roosevelt Field, Garden City NY

Through any of these stores, customers will be able to take test drives without the need of any prior bookings or appointments.

Tesla, in their official Twitter page, was also seen as sharing the news.

Tesla Stores

Tesla’s Tweet on the launch of its new stores | Source –Twitter

Tesla’s move to opening up new stores does make sense, since, from being a company having sales of just $ 14.7 Million in 2008 to over $11.76 Billion in 2017, this Electric Car Manufacturing Company has had one of the best growth curves in the Automotive Segment.

A lot of factors had contributed to this sudden increase in Tesla’s popularity and desirability. The main reason for Tesla’s popularity is the way its cars are designed. Tesla’s cars are set apart from other electric cars in the fact that they are high-performance vehicles coupled with style and a load of innovative features – one of which include the Autopilot, a Self-Driving assisting technology that enables the car to navigate on its own.

Yet another reason is that unlike a few years back, Electric Cars are nor more just concepts. Now, with the major chunk of humanity addressing global fossil fuel depletion as a prime concern, they are moving towards sustainable modes of transportation – one of which are electric cars.

Tesla Stores

A Tesla Store | Source- Tesla, Twitter

Now, more and more people are seen to prefer Tesla’s cars over other electric cars. Hence the sale of Tesla’s cars has increased significantly in the past decade.

In order to accommodate this increasing consumer demand for their cars, Tesla will have to increase its infrastructural frameworks to produce and distribute more cars. On-Time Production and Distribution plays a major role in meeting increased consumer demands.

Elon Musk in the ’60 Minutes’ had mentioned that he may consider the idea of acquiring some of the plants in the US or Canada that GM had recently shut down. This, if it happens could be seen as one of Tesla’s initial steps to establish itself as the market leader in the Electric Vehicle Segment.

The next thing in the list would be adding more distribution outlets for Tesla Cars. These will allow people to take a detailed peek into their desired Tesla Models, test-drive the same, and eventually own one.

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