2020 MacBook Pro vs 2020 MacBook Air – Is the Extra $300 Worth It?


Apple recently launched the 2020 MacBook Air, and it was well-received as it carried an updated hardware configuration and a new keyboard.

Now, Apple has released the latest version of the 2020 MacBook Pro and it costs $300 more than the 2020 MacBook Air.

With both the new generation MacBook Pro and MacBook Air available in 2020, a lot of potential MacBook owners have a confusion on whether to go with MacBook Air or pay an extra $300 and go for the MacBook Pro.

2020 macbook pro vs 2020 macbook air
2020 MacBook Pro comes with the new Magic Keyboard

The root cause of this dilemma lies in the fact that the 2020 MacBook Air now comes with 10th generation intel processors and twice the amount of SSD storage in its base models. Hence, most people are under the impression that with these upgrades the 2020 MacBook Air can perform as much or in some cases outperform the 2020 MacBook Pro.

Let us have a look at how the 2020 MacBook Pro and 2020 MacBook Air holds up against each other in terms of Performance and Display, as these are the only parameters where you might major differences.

2020 MacBook Pro vs 2020 MacBook Air – 2020 MacBook Pro is the better performer

When it comes to performance, there is a big difference between the 2020 MacBook Pro and the 2020 MacBook Air. Despite the fact that the base model of the 2020 MacBook Air runs on the 10th generation Intel processor and the base model of the 2020 MacBook Pro runs on the 8th generation Intel processor, the MacBook Pro is undoubtedly the better performer of the two.

Even though the single-core Geekbench performance scores for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are somewhat close, the multi-core performance score is where the MacBook Pro takes the lead by a huge margin. This could also mean that for the same memory-intensive task, there is a chance that the MacBook Air might produce more heat than the MacBook Pro.

Even if you upgrade your MacBook Air to a 10th generation i5 (which would cost you an extra $100), its performance would still be behind the MacBook Pro. Having said that, the M acBook Air is a really fast laptop and can take on any daily tasks that you throw at it. The difference in performance is mostly notable only when running memory-intensive or heavy tasks.


Basically, the point here is that if you are to match the performance of the 2020 MacBook Air with that of the 2020 MacBook Pro, you will need to spend a lot of extra cash.

2020 MacBook Pro vs 2020 MacBook Air – 2020 MacBook Pro has the better display

Both the 2020 MacBook Pro and 2020 MacBook Air hosts Apple’s 13 inch Super Retina Display with a resolution of 2560×1600, 227 pixels per inch, and Tru Tone Technology. Though the display configuration points towards a similar display in both the MacBooks, the MacBook Pro has a better display of the two.

2020 macbook pro vs 2020 macbook air

The MacBook Pro with its P3 wide colour gamut support can display more colours than the MacBook Air with no P3 wide colour support. The result is a vibrant viewing experience when watching videos or photos with a wide range of colours.

The 2020 MacBook Pro also provides better visibility outdoors or in brightly lit rooms as it has a higher brightness level as compared to the 2020 MacBook Air.

2020 MacBook Pro vs 2020 MacBook Air – Is the Extra $300 Worth It?

The 2020 MacBook Pro is a beast when it comes to performance, and offers a superior display with better outdoor visibility.

This does not mean that the MacBook Air is not a good laptop. The MacBook Air is also a great laptop and is more than enough for your daily usage. Hence, if your use case is limited to running daily tasks, you need not spend an extra $300 and get a MacBook Pro. The Air will suffice.

In case you are on the lookout for a performance-oriented laptop to take on tough memory-intensive tasks, we suggest you pay the extra $300 and get the MacBook Pro.

Hence, the choice of whether you would want to go for the 2020 MacBook Pro or the 2020 MacBook Air is purely driven by your requirements. Having weighed your requirements, if you would still want to go with the 2020 MacBook Pro, note that the extra $300 that you spend on it is completely worth it.