AEG SensePro Hob For Automatic Food Monitoring

The AEG SensePro Hub is what we can call as an example of A Fully Automated Cooking Mechanism. It has the potential to analyze the food being cooked and accordingly increase or decrease the quantity and distribution of heat and turn off the heat supply when the food is completely cooked.

Cooking after a long and tiring day can be even more frustrating, especially the part where you have to keep an eye on monitoring the progress of the preparation. A little too heat or less heat can cause the food being cooked to be completely ruined. Even if you’ve got  the temperature correct, the duration to which you cook the food also matters. Cooking in the perfect temperature for even a slightly more time period than need can completely ruin the taste of the food. This is more prominent in case of food items such as Meat Steaks, wherein the heat and the duration to which the heat is supplied matters much more than anything else. What you require in such cases is something which is capable of cooking on its own, something which can monitor the progress of cooking on its own, so that you can focus yourself elsewhere. When we refer to cooking on its own, what is referred to is the end to end cooking methodology.

AEG SensePro Hob

The Control Panel of the AEG SensePro Hob has the options to select a wide variety of cooking techniques. Frying, Boiling Water and many more. Once you select the cooking technique, the AI of the Cooking Top then analyzes the selected technique and sets the temperature required for optimal cooking.

Once the cooking begins, The AEG SensePro Hob has a wireless sensor which is inserted into the food. This Sensor Stick has the ability to analyze the food from the inside and transmits this information to the cooktop. The Cooktop then analyzes this information to determine the optimum temperature and accordingly adjusts the temperature supplied. The AEG SensePro Hub guarantees utmost precision in this process with a temperature tolerance of +/- 1 degree Celsius.

If the AEG SensePro Hob is able to deliver what it promises, in terms of the function and precision, it will be a perfect addition to your Automated Kitchen, to making cooking seamless and easy.