Alex Shares His Experiences on the Waymo Early Rider Program

Waymo Early Rider Program, one of the most successful programs introduced by Waymo in Arizona as a part of its trial runs allowed families in Arizona to sign up for test rides on Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars. The rides, however, took place in the presence of drivers who take up controls in case of emergency situations. The cars drove by themselves of course.

Per a blog post from Waymo, a volunteer for the Waymo Early Rider Program, Alex shared his experiences on the Early Rider Program. Alex works as an Engineer in Cyber Security and lives with his family in Arizona.

Waymo Early Rider Program

Waymo Self-Driving Car | Source – Waymo

He explains how he came across Waymo Self-Driving Cars on the streets of Phoenix and how his innate interest in following latest technology urged him to try out one of those cars.

Alexa mentions that he was very much anxious for the first ride and how his anxiety was maintained for each of the subsequent rides. It was always a loving experience for him to watch the car drive all by itself, notably the parts where the car thinks and maneuvers on its own, He spends most of his time in the car thinking of how it interprets different situations, analyzes the same and takes decisions.

Alex has always had a safe driving experience with Waymo. He compared Waymo’s drive similar to that of how one would drive when his/her mother was seated in the car – cautious and safe.  On safety, he also shared a situation where the car actually came to a hard stop when it saw a bag of trash on the road. The car showed no acts of changing its direction swiftly which is what any human driver would have done.

He mainly used Waymo Cars for commuting to and from the office for lunch or other small outings. Some of his friends and colleagues were also part of the Early Rider Program. Alex added how glad that he was that could retain his charging port in the office since he never had to take out his car for small rides.

He also spoke about how Waymo was successful in avoiding a fight between his colleagues on who would drive when they were going out.

Alex used to provide feedback on each of the rides that he had taken, especially in situations when he found the car unable to understand or comprehend a particular situation. He has also noted that the feedbacks were being taken seriously since he after a couple of times, when the car came across a similar or same situation, it was able to understand and maneuver accordingly. This underlines the fact that Waymo used to take all the rider feedbacks during its beta tests very seriously.

Alex trusts Waymo’s Self-Driving Technology to the fullest. He attributes this trust to the fact that Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars have millions of miles of Self-Driving rides and hence carry with them the experiences and lessons learned from each of those rides.

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