Amazon Releases Alexa Skills Blueprints India


Alexa Skills Blueprints India will now enable the Indian Alexa users to have a more customized Alexa Interaction. Alexa Skills Blueprint helps to customize Alexa’s questions and answers. The same can be done at
Most of the times you would have asked questions such as ‘Who is the coolest guy in the world?. What if you could actually get your name as the answer. That would sound pretty cool in front of your friends, doesn’t it? This is exactly what the Alexa Skills Blueprint help you achieve – to create questions and answers that could be functionally useful as well as for entertainment.

Alexa Skills Blueprints

Alexa Skills Blueprints Home Page

Setting up and customizing in the Alexa Skills Blueprints are pretty simple and you can get used to it pretty soon. Opening up the webpage will show you a list of blueprints arranged categorically. The categories include Featured, Fun & Games, Greetings & Discussions and many more. Currently you have around 20+ categories to customize from. Say you open Custom Q&A, you can see and hear a sample of questions and answers as shown below.

Alexa Skills Blueprints

A screenshot depicting custom Q & A

You can either choose from the sample Q&A or make your own. By clicking ‘Create Your Own’, you get a questionnaire where you have to fill in the required details. Apart from just Questions and Answer, you can also do a lot of innovative interactive ideas such as creating your own stories customized in the name of the child, which you can play for your child at his/her bedtime. You can also do configure other functional interactions such as scheduling your chores or creating custom games for your kids.They can also be used to store and dissipate instructions.

There are actually not many limits to what you can do with the Alexa Skills Blueprints. You have a wide variety of Blueprints and Skills to choose from. How you configure these skills depends on your creativity and use cases. Any skill that you create can be used in all of the Alexa Devices such as the Echo, Echo Dot or the Echo Plus associated with the same account.


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