Amazon Echo Clock – Your Personal Reminder Buddy


Amazon Echo Clock is one of the newest addition to Smart Device Segment from Amazon. With the Echo Wall Clock, Amazon is trying to push itself further into the Smart Home Segment by slowly moving their focus from Smart Speakers alone to more and more of household accessories.

Wallclocks have stood the test the time and innovation for decades. Even now with all mobiles and laptops showing having digital clocks, almost all homes, including the most advanced Smart Homes have wall clocks.

The Echo Clock as you might expect is a Smart Clock. It does comes backed with Amazon’s Smart Assistant Alexa thereby giving it very few smart capabilities.

On the first glance, the Echo Clock looks like a minimalist wall clock with a plane and classic design. It is characterized by simple tick and hour markings. The two hands – minute and hour are done in white to have a contrasting tint with the face of the clock, which is black in color.  There is no second denoting hand for the clock. In the center, on the lower side is an LED Notification Light.

The backside design is relatively simple, straight forward and similar to normal clocks with Battery Slots, Pairing Button and Wall Mounter.

Amazon Echo Clock as such doesn’t offer much more than showing time and setting up reminders. It basically puts up your reminders up on the wall. The main highlight on the Remainder Setup is that the clock uses Visual Signals to convey remainder time ups and countdowns.

During the last minute of your remainder, all the tick marks lit up first and then turn off one by one with the count down. Once the reminder or alarm time kicks in, all the ticks starts flashing to denote the user of the alarm.

The clock will have limited use in the dark since the tick marks do not have the luminescence property and lit up only on the occurrence of alarms and reminders.

Once the clock is connected with your echo or any other device, it keeps the time up to date on its by syncing with internet. The Echo Clock, on its own, accounts for daylight savings and can adjust the time accordingly.


The Clock runs on  4 AA Batteries which comes included in the box. Other accessories in the pack include Drywall Screws and Drywall Anchors for mounting the clock on the wall.

On the whole, the Amazon Echo Clock is a simple looking Smart Wall Clock and is a good pick for those who wish to put their remainders up on the wall.