Android 10 to come with Dark Theme, Privacy Controls, Focus Mode and Other Life Simplifying Features

Tech-Giant Google has rolled out Android 10 to its line of Pixel Smartphones. For rest of the Android users, the update is expected to rollout in the upcoming days.

Unlike its predecessors, the Android 10 comes loaded with lots of innovative features. The feature list is notable this time as most of the features are focussed on simplifying user experience associated with smartphones.

At least one of these new features belong to the category of the features that we actually wanted to have in our phones at one point or the another.

Let us have a look at some of the most useful features that Android 10 brings with it.

Dark Theme

Dark Themes are always preferred by a bulk of the smartphone users. So preferred that some smartphone manufacturers have a dedicated dark theme option built into their phones. These options however, do not apply to all App interfaces.

Dark theme in Android 10
Dark theme as shown in Android Official site | Source – Android

The Dark theme in Android 10, goes beyond a normal theme setting and uses true black colour and thereby gives you the double benefit of saving battery and eye life. Dark colour on the screen means lesser LEDs to be light up on the screen and hence reduced battery usage. Black is also good for the eyes considering very less or no blue light emission from the screen. Dark theme also extends to Google Apps such as Photos, Calendar, and Chrome.

Privacy Control

Privacy Control in the Android 10 lets you customize your privacy settings including the storage and duration of data, restricting location information with Apps on a need basis and opting out of Ad personalisation.

The notable update here is having the option to customise location sharing. You now get three options to choose from while sharing your location with a particular application – Allow all the time, Allow only while the app is in use, and Deny.

Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier is yet another notable feature of the Android 10. It promises on ensuring enhanced sound clarity by filtering background noise and fine tuning the music beats to best suit your taste. It also comes with an option to fine tune each of the ear separately. This update is a definite bonus for all the audiophiles using android phones.

Live Caption

Live Caption enables the user to caption the videos that are being played, whether or not your data is turned on. Yes, you heard that correct, you can still caption all the videos being played and the one’s recorded by you without data. This feature could prove really useful for video bloggers who would want to add subtitles to their video recordings.

Undo App Removal from Home Screen

As reported by Cnet, Android 10 comes with an option to Undo App removal. You can undo any App removal from the home screen a few seconds after the app has been removed. How this works is really simple. In case you accidentally removed any app from the home screen, all you have to do is press the Undo button and you can have the app back in no time.

Focus Mode

Crafted for people who would want to dedicate their entire focus on one activity at a time, Focus Mode lets you pause apps temporarily and thereby eliminating distractions. In case you wish to finish off that last minute e-mail or write-up and do not want to be disturbed by any sort of notifications, Focus Mode is just the thing for you. This feature is currently in the beta stage.

Family Link

Are you the kind of person who would like to always keep an eye on your family, and keep them in the loop. If so, Android 10 is the perfect fit for you. Family Link lets you keep guardrails on how your children use smartphones by allowing for App Management, Content Restrictions, Screen Time limits, and tracking their locations.

Android 10 also hosts other interesting features such as Bubble Notifications and Gesture Navigation.

The main point of interest here is the fact that all the updates being brought to Android 10 have been hand picked for simplifying the user experience associated with smartphones.

That being said, these are not the final list of updates in Android 10. We could expect more interesting updates to be rolled out in the coming months.

Image Source – Android, Google