Arlo Baby Monitor Feature Review

Arlo Baby Monitor is one of the cutest Smart Home Devices that you can possibly have. Cuteness and looks apart, the Arlo Baby Monitor comes packed with a lot of innovative and useful features. Arlo is in fact, one of the first baby monitors to host a few of these features. Let us know have a look at a detail feature review this $199.99 Smart Device.


The Arlo Baby Monitor has a boxed packaging structure with transparent cut-outs on the front so that you can have a preview of the device. All the components inside the box are compartmentalized inside smaller boxes. The In-Box items are packed pretty tight and secure. Hence you can be sure that the product that you are purchasing is free from defects due to shocks or jerks.

In the Box

  • Arlo Baby Monitor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wall Mounting Hardware
  • Power Cord
  • Power Plug
  • Additional Skin for the Arlo Baby Monitor

Design and Looks

The Arlo Baby Monitor is insanely cute when it comes to looks. The device has a standing bunny shape and comes in contrasting dual tone colors. Body is usually white with the ears and the feet being of a different color – usually green or grey. The device sits on the two of the Bunny’s feet. The camera and night light are fitted at the face of the bunny. It can be either placed on a flat surface such as a table or mounted on walls with the included wall mounting set up. Since the maximum used case is for monitoring babies, making the position dynamic over mounting on the wall is preferred.

Arlo Baby Monitor

A Bunny Shaped Arlo Baby Monitor | Source – Arlo



As mentioned earlier, this Baby Monitor from Arlo comes loaded with features, the most notable of which revolve around Remote Monitoring and Interaction.

  • Remote Video Monitoring
    • Being a Wifi Connected Device, you can access the live feed of your baby from almost anywhere. This is especially useful for working parents entrusting kids with maids or nannies
    • The 1080p HD Video Recording along with Night Vision at up to 15 feet further complements the Remote Video Monitoring Functionality
    • The Video Quality is probably one of the best in the segment
    • One downside is that the Baby Monitor position can only be changed manually. So even if you are remotely monitoring the baby, you just have the option of a fixed degree of view
    • Hence its best suited for infants in the cradle. For Toddlers who keep moving about, the fixed view of the monitor may not be of much use
  • Alerts
    • Baby Crying Alert – The Arlo Baby Monitor can detect when your baby starts crying and accordingly sent you an alert
    • Sound/Motion Sensors – On detecting any motion or sound near the baby, you are immediately notified to take a look at the crib. It picks up sound from a variety of sources. Hence, if you have pets that walk around in the night, you might end up getting a lot of notifications. You, however, can place a limit on the notifications by setting up Notification Schedules
    • Air Quality Alert – The air quality around your baby is continuously monitored to ensure everything is under a minimum safe threshold. The air parameters monitored include Humidity, Temperature, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs include health risk inducing components such as gasoline, fuel oil, smoke etc. Though alerts are triggered when air quality breaches the threshold, the alert gives no specifics on whether it was the Humidity, Temperature or VOCs that went up
  • Communication
    • Arlo Baby Monitor comes with a two-way communication facility with which you can talk to the baby. This feature does not make much sense for infants, but if you keep the device till the time when your baby actually recognizes you, it gives you a good platform to have interactions
  • Inbuilt Night Light and Music Player
    • The color of the Night Light can be set from the Arlo App. Currently, you can choose from a wide variety of light colors. The brightness and warmth of the Night Light can also be controlled via the App
    • The Music Player allows playing songs, lullabies or your own recorded sound for putting the baby to sleep
    • These two features are fully dependent on the nature of the baby. If your baby is better put to sleep with music and light, these are useful. Otherwise, these could act only as visual timepass activities for your child
arlo baby monitor

The Smart Light Functionality of the Baby Monitor | Source – Arlo

  • Smart Assistant Support
    • The Arlo Baby Monitor is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Hence, you can directly project the live video recording to devices powered by these Smart Assistants, such as Google Home Hub or Echo Show. These voice assistants could also be used to control the operations of the Baby Monitor
  • Video Privacy and Protection
    • Since Baby Monitors are placed inside your home, privacy and data protection is a major concern. Arlo states that all the recorded video feeds are encrypted with some of the best encryption techniques

Subscription Plans

The main catch on Video Recordings is the duration to which you can access the recorded videos. Currently, the Basic Plan (free) provides 1GB Storage and a reservoir of the feeds from the past 7 days. The Basic Plan is applicable only up to 5 cameras for each account. If you want more or all your video feeds to be stored for future reference, you can always pick one of the Arlo’s Smart Plans. Paid Subscriptions include other features such as Custom Activity Zones and Emergency Call Services.

arlo baby monitor

A snippet of Arlo Smart Service Subscription Plans | Source – Arlo

To conclude, the Arlo Baby Monitor hosts a lot of useful and creative features that complement the majority of the use cases involved while monitoring babies. Though the price tag of $199.99 is quite high, considering the device features and also the safety of your newborn, this Monitoring Device is a good investment.

Interested users who wish to add the Arlo Baby Monitor to their list of smart devices can do the same at Arlo.