August Smart Lock Pro for Safer and Smarter Locks

August Smart Lock Pro makes Remote locking and unlocking a seamless experience. With the August Smart Lock enabled, you can lock or unlock your door from almost anywhere and everywhere via your smartphone through the August Application. Let us, in detail take a look at what makes the August Smart Lock Pro unique and a good pick for Smart Homes –

Remote Accessibility and Controllability

Once installed and configured, the August Smart Lock Pro can be accessed from almost anywhere. You can lock and unlock your door remotely by using the August Home App. This is particularly useful on busy mornings, where half way down the road to office is when you realize that you haven’t locked the door or you suspect that you haven’t locked the doors. In case of normal locks, the only option is to turn around, drive back and secure your doors again – waste of time, money and energy. But, with the August Smart Lock Pro, the same can be achieved in seconds with no effort.

The ability to control the Lock Remotely also allows the user to grant access to friends or family by never even being at home. You can always open the doors of your home for your friends or family from wherever you are. (International Trips Counted 🙂 )

Auto Unlock and Lock Functionality

August Smart Lock Pro comes with Auto Unlock functionality. This means that, as you approach the door, the door unlocks on its own without you having to use the keys or the mobile application – Just walk into your home like a King, the doors open on their own. The Auto-Lock functionality by the combined action of the Lock and your Smartphone. Once you reach within a specific distance to the lock (20-30 feet), the August App detects the August lock and the further communication between them results in the lock getting unlocked on its own.

Now one question that you might have would be -What if I am at home? Will the door unlock on its own every time I walk towards the door? To those of you had this question in your mind, the August Smart Lock Pro is a ‘Smart Lock’. The Auto Unlock Functionality is only activated once you are 200 meters away from your home. It is never activated while you are in your home.

With the Auto Lock functionality enabled, you will never have to bother locking your doors again. Once this is enabled, you can set a timer value after which you need the door to be locked automatically. Once the stipulated time passes, the door is locked down on its own.

24×7 Monitoring

August Smart Lock Pro

With the August Smart Lock Pro, you have the option to monitor your door at all times and get a clear sense of people going in and out with a 24×7 Activity feed. Hence, even if somebody gets into your house someway, it will definitely be brought to your notice. The Lock also checks your door at regular intervals and tells if it is properly locked or not. You can also check the status of the door anytime – either through the App or via the Smart Assistants

Smart Assistant Support

The August Smart Lock Pro comes configured for Voice Assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Once set and configured with these Assistants, you can merely ask them to get your doors locked, unlocked or monitored.

Keyless Guest Access

With the August Smart Lock, you have the option of providing Temporary Digital Keys for your Guests, so that they can also access your home. You can also track all the activities on the lock – each and every lock and unlock by your guests can be tracked in the August App. This is particularly helpful when friends or family come over to crash at your place for a couple of days. In case of Manual Locks, you will have to get the keys duplicated – again, what a waste of time, money and energy.

Easy Set Up and Installation

The August Smart Lock is very easy to install and initiate. The Box comes with almost everything that you need to the Lock installed, up and running. All you might need are a set of screwdrivers.

Compatibility with Existing Door Locks

The August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with a wide variety of door locks. Hence there are high chances that you can install the same to your existing locking system with minimal effort. This again saves Money, Time and Effort.

The August Smart Lock Pro is a good pick for those who wish to Secure their Smart Home in the best possible, yet easy and convenient manner. You can get same the from Amazon.

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