Much Anticipated Baby Yoda Plush Toy from Disney Announced

Disney is finally bringing the Star Wars : Mandalorin inspired Baby Yoda plush toy to the market. This comes as a huge relief to the Disney’s Mandalorin fans who have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on one of the Baby Yoda collectibles. shopDisney was seen as announcing the same via their official Twitter page.

Baby Yoda plush toy
Source – Twitter

The catch here is that though the officially licensed Baby Yoda has been announced, it won’t be available to the fans until March 2020. It did quite seem quite strange and disappointing to the fans that this toy was not made available for the holiday gifting season.

Following its debut in the series, there has been a huge demand for Baby Yoda collectibles. According to a report from Verge, the increased demand of an official Baby Yoda toy coupled with its unavailability caused fans to resort to Etsy and Redbubble to procure unofficial items. Baby Yoda toys have also been making huge waves in Amazon with those being among one of the most sought for and wishlisted items.

Source – shopDisney

When asked regarding the approach of keeping Baby Yoda out of pre-release marketing, John Favreau mentioned that though keeping Baby Yoda out of the market led to the toy being not available on date, it helped build the excitement around the character and that it also helped create a feeling among the viewers of discovering the character together. Jon also mentioned that Disney and the Marketing Team were fully supportive of the idea.

About the Baby Yoda plush toy

The Baby Yoda plush toy looks really cute and is a must have collectible for any Yoda fan. The entire plush toy is filled with soft and squeezable material, wrapped around a well finished Faux Suede Coat, and features fuzzy trims.

The Baby Yoda plush toy can be ordered via shopDisney where it should be available starting 4/3/2020.

Image Source – shopDisney