SmartThings Tracker to Track Miles Away

SmartThings Tracker boasts to achieve the overcome that one headache for everyone – tracking down lost things. The tracker can be attached to whatever it is that you are planning to keep an eye on. The set up is relatively simple. Once set, configured and activated, the tracker is now live and you can track it all times.

One distinct feature that sets the SmartThings tracker apart from other Trackers (such as Regular Bluetooth Trackers) is the fact that, since it can be coupled with WiFi and LTE Cellular networks, the range can be significantly broadened. Distance no longer becomes a barrier to efficient tracking. You can now track anything – animate or inanimate across miles. Hence the use cases of the SmartThings Tracker are more significant in the outside environment. But it does a pretty well job in the indoors as well.

The SmartThings Tracker is particularly useful for being fitted on to items that have higher probabilities of getting stolen – such as your Cars, Bikes, Handbags or Suitcases. In case of any theft, you can easily track the last stolen item giving the cops an upper hand in tracking down and retrieving the item. The Tracker can tell you the last known position of the object to which it is attached, along with the travel path that it had taken.

Yet another use case in which the SmartThings Tracker finds use are Monitoring your children. If you have kids going to school, the safety of whom you are concerned about, you can always insert the tracker into their bag as a measure of precaution. The tracker also has a notification feature which can also be used by your kids to alert you in case something happens. Once their classes are done, they can ping through the tracker and you can go pick them up or they can also use it a distress signal in emergency situations.

The Geofencing feature of the tracker further adds to these use cases, by creating fences around particular areas and notifying you in case the tracker gets in or out of these areas.

Yet another use case of the SmartThings Tracker is that it can be used to monitor your pets by keeping a check on their location and making sure that you are informed in case they wander off too far away.

The Network service is free for the first year and is provided by AT&T. After the first year, you will have to pay a monthly service fee for availing the LTE Service.

The SmartThings Tracker is most suited for people who intend to track things outdoors rather than indoors. The Tracker is currently limited to the US only. Those who wish to own can get the same from here

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