Make any Garage Door Smart with the Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is a Smart Device which can be used to automate your garage doors.
Opening your Garage Door every time you drive into the house can be a daunting task. Get down, open the Garage, drive in, close the Garage and then get out. There is a lot of manual activity involved in the process. Any home that uses a lot of Manual Effort in one or the other activity is far from being a Smart Home. It is also a cumbersome and tedious process since, during most of the busy morning, people completely forget to close their garages, which they recall once they are halfway down the office and then this builds up tension and confusion. Closing and securing your Garage is an important check since most of the Houses have Garages built with the house and leaving them open is like leaving the gateway opened for thieves or burglars.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

Though there are certain Garage Openers which can be controlled with the help of either a remote or a control button, these do not necessarily add any smart element to your home. In order for the remotes to function, you have to actually remain in the vicinity of the Garage. It does not allow for any kind of “Remote” Controlling option.

The Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is capable of converting your existing Garage Doors into Smart Garage Doors. The only criterion is that your existing doors should have safety sensors (most of them built after 1993 do have them). This Smart Garage Hub increases the smartness of your Garage Doors from zero to a highly ergonomic magnitude making it really user-friendly, convenient and efficient.

Setting up the Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub will require expert hands. If you are someone with very little experience in such hardware setups, it would be a wise decision to hire an extra set of expert hands in order to save time and avoid any errors. You can also reach out to the MyQ support in case of any doubts or queries.

Once installed and configured, you can now operate the Smart Garage Hub. With the MyQ technology, you can operate the Garage Doors remotely using the app. You can also monitor the status of your Garage – whether Closed or Open. You can remotely Open or Close the door. With the app, you can also have the historical log of activities of the Garage Doors – when it was opened or closed. Hence, even if you suspect that you have not closed the Garage Door while you are halfway down to your office, you can always check in on whether the Garage is closed or not, and close the Garage Door using the MyQ App.

The Safety part is also taken care of since the presence of safety sensors ensures that the door doesn’t close up on humans or pets in any way.

The Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub also comes configured for Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Nest. You can ask Google to open or close the door, and also check up on the status of your Garage Door. The point to note here is that once you ask the Smart Garage Hub, it actually gives its response vocally as well. However, the Google Assistant support is available for free only for a month, post which you will have to pay for the service to be continued.

The Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is a pretty decent product considering its Remote Monitoring and Controllability, Safety, Easy to use features and the ability to be added and configured on to existing Garage Doors. If you find that this product could be a good addition to your Smart Home, you can always get one here.

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