Cruise Automation Careers For Seattle Residents

Cruise Automation, through their official Twitter page, was recently seen as tweeting on possible Career options for the best and brightest interesting in solving highly complicated technical problems.

The tweet read, “We’re excited to be joining Seattle’s community and look forward to introducing Cruise to folks who are interested in the technical challenge of making self-driving cars a reality. Are you from Seattle and share a passion for self-driving cars?

Cruise Automation

Cruise Automation Tweets on Possible Opening | Source – Twitter

Currently, full-time roles offered in the Seattle area include Backend Engineer (Data and Machine Learning), Data Analyst, Engineering Manager, IT Support and other similar roles.

Other areas with possible career options include San Fransisco, Phoenix, Pasadena, New York, and Warren. The complete details can be found on the career page of Cruise.

Though Cruise is inviting technical problem solvers into their family, it is quite clear from the tweet that they are currently favoring the residents of Seattle over others for the possible openings. Cruise Automation favoring Seattle residents does not come as a surprise since opening up an office in Seattle and hiring fresh talent from over there was one of the possible strategical plans that Cruise may have had all along.

At this point, recruitment does make sense since Cruise as a company is now expanding rapidly. After multiple rounds of funding from Soft Bank and Honda, this GM owned company is currently valued at nearly 14.6 Billion Dollars.

Cruise Automation

A Self-Driving Chevy Bolt from Cruise Automation | Source – Wiki

Also, it is highly necessary that Cruise Automation does bring in technically savvy problem solvers to work on their Self-Driving Technology. This resource recruitment should be both qualitative and quantitative. This becomes necessary owing to the tight competition in the Self-Driving Segment. Companies such as Waymo and Tesla already have fully autonomous vehicles on the road.

The past numbers of Cruise’s expansion in terms of headcounts have been really notable. The company increased in terms of human resource from just over 40 employees to the current number of 1100 with a span of just 2 years. That is an impressive 2650% increase.

Opening up more office spaces and hiring fresh and brilliant minds to work on their Self-Driving Technology can be considered as one or Cruise’s strategies to establish itself in the upcoming market for Self-Driving Cars.

Yet another notable and recent step from Cruise was tapping in GM President Dan Ammann as its CEO, replacing its Co-Founder Kyle Vogt. Kyle now continues as the Chief Technology Officer and focuses more on the technology side of things.

Apart from concentrating on the Self-Driving Fleet along, Cruise has also started to slowly move into other sectors where Self-Driving Cars might take over in the nearest future. As a part of this, Cruise recently struck a partnership with DoorDash for food delivery using their Self-Driving Cars.

Check out the full list of Job Openings at Cruise here