D-Link Wifi Water Sensor

The D-Link Wifi Water Sensor is a Smart Water Sensor that is capable of detecting water leakage and sending alerts. No Smart Home is complete unless and until you have the required security checks in place. And yet another feature of a fully equipped Smart Home is the fact that you get to monitor every nook and corner of your home without actually being there.

The D-Link Water Sensor is one of the pre-requisites monitoring devices for any smart home. The purpose of the D-Link Water Sensor as mentioned above is the detection of water leakage. Water Leakage can be a serious cause of concern especially in the modern day homes were most of the equipment are electrical and any contact with water can be the cause for possible short-circuits. Hence it is highly imperative that water leakage is monitored.

D-Link Wifi Water Sensor

The D-Link Wifi Water Sensor has a water sensor hub which is plugged into your electrical sockets. The D-Link Water sensors are then attached near those sources of water which have chances of leaking. These include the areas near the Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Kitchen Sink, or your even your Bath Tubs. You can then connect this Smart Water Sensor into your Wifi Network or existing hub. Hence you do not make any additional infrastructural set up for this water sensor to work. Once connected, you can use the mydlink Home App to monitor its functions.

Apart from the part that is plugged into the socket, this Smart Water Sensor has a 3.3 extension feet cable that comes out from the socket.  Of the Extension Feet Cable, 1.6 feet of it is a Sensor Cable which can detect water leakage. The reason as to why the cables have considerable lengths is to adapt to the fact that in most cases, water leaks may not always occur near the source of water. Hence in order to capture leaks from a distance, the sensor cables have been given sufficient length. The length of the sensor cables can be further increased by appending them to phone cables.

On detecting the leakage of water from any source, this Smart Water Sensor notifies the user of the leakage. In case you are not at home when the leakage happens, you will be notified of the leakage via push button notifications through the app. The D-Link Water Sensor can also be paired with Wifi Enabled Sirens to notify the entire home of the water leakage. The Wifi Siren-DCH-S220 is one option that you can consider pairing the sensor. Additionally, it can also be connected with a wireless camera. This will also help the users to monitor the sources of leakage, in case of any alerts.

On the whole, the D-Link Wifi Water Sensor is a good gadget to keep an eye over your house for any possible water leakages. This Smart Sensor becomes more significant in homes where there are kids or older people, who have fewer chances of detecting leaked water and more chances of getting slipped.

If you feel like your Smart Home could use a bit of a Water Leakage Monitoring, you can get the D-Link Wifi Water Sensor here.