Daimler to Launch Level 2 Automated Freightliner Trucks


Daimler AG is now all set to launch its fleet of Level 2 Automated Freightliner Trucks. Cascadia,  one of the best selling truck models from Freightliner will come implemented with the Autonomous Features.

After Self-Driving Cars, Daimler is now trying to push the limits and enter into the Automated Logistics Segment with these Self-Driving Trucks.

Daimler was seen as Tweeting the same through their official page –

Automated Freightliner Trucks

Daimler’s Tweet on the Automated Cascadia Trucks | Source – Twitter

As mentioned earlier, the Truck hosts Level 2 Automation. Level 2 Automated vehicles are characterized by what is known as Partial Automation. The Vehicle can maneuver on its own by adjusting its speed as and when required by stopping and racing on its own with the driver only monitoring the entire process.

This will be more a Driver-Assist system and not a hands-free system. Hence it will require the driver to have hands-on the wheel at all times.

Automated Freightliner Cascadia

An Automated Level 2 Freightliner Cascadia | Source – Daimler

Kary Schaefer, Marketing and Strategy, Daimler Truck North America was seen to open up on the technology as she rode on one of Automated Freightliner Trucks across the Las Vegas Speedway.

The trucks come with Automatic Braking and Steering as a part of its Automation Upgrade. Maximum priority has been given to passenger and pedestrian security to mitigate collisions while implementing the Self-Driving Technology.

The Active Brake Assists system further aids the Level 2 Automation to ensure that no collisions happen irrespective of whether the truck is in autonomous mode or in the manual mode. Similar to the other Self-Driving Technology, the truck uses combinations of Camera and Radars to analyze, understand and interact with the external environment.

Automated Freightliner Trucks

Kary with the Level 2 Automated Freightliner Cascadia | Source – Daimler

Cameras and Radars detect the presence of vehicles around the truck enabling the truck to smoothly maneuver on its own to the front, back and lateral sides, even in busy roads.

On sudden detection of pedestrians, the truck first gives off a warning to the driver to apply the brakes, which if not attended to results in the truck applying the Emergency Braking System. This can help to ensure that even when the driver loses his attention, the collisions are taken care of and safety is still upheld


Yet another notable feature of the latest Automated Freightliner Cascadia include increased Efficiency and Adaptive Cruise Control.

As mentioned earlier, the upgraded Cascadia can be considered as Daimler’s entry into the Self-Driving Truck Segment. Though, for now, it only comes with Automation just enough to assist the driver, gradually over the course of time, we can expect to see more of Level 4 or Level 5 Autonomous Trucks from Daimler.


Source – Daimler