Daimler Ready To Service Completes the Idea of a Fully Autonomous Vehicle

Daimler Ready To Service is what echoes the concept of the collaboration of Smart and Connected Cars. The idea is to make cars smarter and connected by allowing them to be accessed by multiple users within well-defined boundaries and rules through a centralized platform such as an Application.

Daniel Deparis, head of Smart Lab at Daimler, in of his blog posts was seen as mentioning the situation that lead to the formation of the ‘Ready To’ Service. Daniel explains that it was the problem of packages being delivered in the absence of the owner and the subsequent inconvenience and time waste associated with the same that triggered the idea of Ready to Drop service.

Daimler Ready to service

Daniel Deparis | Source – Daimler

With the ready to drop service, the caterers can merely drop the parcel on to the boot of the car and be on their way. Daniel explains that this drop service is achieved with the help of the Smart App and a TAN that transfers the Courier Service one-time permission to access the boot of the car and thereby deposit the parcel. Daniel also mentioned that he does use the Ready To Drop services whenever he is unable to be present to receive an ordered parcel

DHL Courier Service was Daimler’s official partner in testing out and implementing the Ready to Drop Service. Daniel in his blog posts recalls and writes about a few notable instances in testing.

According to a report in Statista, the number of vehicles per household in the United States was 1.97 in 2016. This means that most of the households in the U.S. have at least two cars each. Though this data pertains to the number of vehicles in general and not Daimler/Mercedez Cars alone, the adoption and implementation of this technology on a global scale is sure to create revolutionary changes in the Autonomous Properties of vehicles.

The Drop Service is even more prominent in the case of households with more than one car. Even when the owner is out with one car, the delivery service can always drop the package in the second car.

The Drop Service is just one application of the Daimler ‘Ready To’ Services. Yet other main applications are Ride Sharing, Parking Assist, Theft Recovery and Ready to Spot.

The Parking Assist functionality does more of a guiding role by pointing the drivers towards free parking slots. Daimler also talks about a possible reservation functionality with which the driver can reserve a slot.

daimler ready to service

Daimler Ready to Share makes Car Sharing Effortless and Secure

The Ready to Share Service will have a profound impact on the Self-Driving Community. One of the main utilities associated with the upcoming Self-Driving Cars are Autonomous Shared Fleets. Though this is mainly applicable for public service vehicles such as Taxis, an autonomous future in which you can share your personal car with friends, family or even with the public for making money is not far away.

Daimler Ready to Share Services will act between friends or family where users can share their cars. The cars can be accessed through the Smart Application avoiding the strain of transferring keys. Daimler also provides a free of cost insurance policy for the users.

Elon Musk, in one of his TED Talks last year was seen as mentioning his thoughts on the idea of Shared Autonomous Fleets.

Musk’s vision on Shared Autonomous Fleets involves scenarios where you could share your Self-Driving Cars with others and make money. For example, your car can drop you in at the office, act as a rental or taxi service while you are in your office and then come to pick you up once you are done with your office hours. Apart from reducing the number of cars owned on the road, this could also help you earn a considerable amount of income for the Car Owner. This would also give back to people, a tremendous amount of time which they can then use effectively for other purposes.

Hence it is a definitive statement that once Self-Driving Cars take to the road, Autonomous Fleet Sharing (Public or Private) is going to have a major stake from a utility perspective.

If the Daimler Ready To Services, as a software technology is made available in general to the Self-Driving Segment, it could have tremendous application in the operation and regulation of Public and Private Autonomous Fleets.