Daimler Self-Driving Cars are Being Tested in Africa

Daimer Self-Driving Cars are currently being tested in Africa urbs and suburbs as a part of its Intelligent World Drive Program. The areas covered currently include Cape Town and Western Cape. The cars being used for the intelligent test drive are from the iconic S-Class Series.

Daimler’s decision to test the Mercedez Benz S-Class Automated Cars are justified by the particulary different terrain, wildlife, streets, and roads of Africa.

Daimler Self-Driving Cars

A Self-Driving Mercedez S Class cruising through congested streets | Source – Daimler

These include a bulk of pedestrians as well as the wildlife on the roads. A major portion of the people is completely ignorant of the traffic rules, making the African Suburban and Urban areas a challenging experience for the Daimler Self-Driving Cars.

Heavily populated congested roads with dense traffic, a vast majority of people who are completely ignorant of traffic rules and utmost confusing signboards further add to the list of challenges faced by the Daimler Self-Driving Cars.

Daimler Self-Driving Cars

Source – Daimler

One notable feature of any Self-Driving car is its ability to analyze and learn from each of its rides, both in simulation and real-time rides. Every single ride that these cars take, and every single obstacle that these cars come through are potential driving lessons that could prep these cars to deal with similar situations in the future.

Exposing the Daimler Self-Driving Cars to some of the toughest situations found in Africa will help the cars in evolving their skills to learn, interact and respond to different situations in a timely yet efficient manner. This is particularly helpful, since eventually, the cars are going to face similar scenarios in the real world, once they become a part of a much bigger Autonomous Fleet.

Per Bernhard Weidemann, Spokesperson Autonomous Driving & Intelligent Drive, Mercedez Benz was seen as commenting on the Intelligent World Ride each on how each of the experiences gathered these Self-Driving Cars from around the world is being brought back home to analyze an get that input into the development of the upcoming Self-Driving Technology.

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