Dan Ammann to be the New CEO of Cruise Automation – Replaces Kyle Vogt

CEO of Cruise Automation underwent a switching with Dan Ammann replacing Kyle Vogt.  Kyle Vogt, however, will remain the as Chief Technology Officer of the company and continue with leading the technical division.

With Cruise Automation now expanding its horizon to deploy more of its self-driving fleet, this decision for appointing Dan Ammann as the CEO does seem logically correct. We had already published an article on how Cruise Automation is planning to expand its operations.

Kyle, with his degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Degree from MIT and an innate passion on Self Navigation, can now focus solely on the technical side of Cruise. He will be seen as being more involved in developing the Self-Driving technology for Cruise’s cars.

Cruise as a company has had a rapid growth since inception in 2013 from having 40 employees to around 1000 employees. Hence GM may have thought that it was time for Cruise Automation to be led by a person with a broader level of Management Expertise and Experience as that of Dan Ammann.

Prior to joining Cruise  Automation as the CEO, Dan was the President of General Motors, the role which he took up in 2014. Prior to joining GM, he held the post of Managing Director at Morgan Stanley.

CEO of Cruise Automation

Dan Ammann | Source – GM

Dan has had extensive experiencing in managing and leading the major bulk of GM’s operational activities around the globe for quite some time now. Some of the most notable contributions outlining Dan’s thumbprints in GM Worldwide operations include the sale of Opel Group, GM Korea restructuring, AmeriCredit acquisition and thereby the formation of GM Financial.

Dan Amann had also played a significant role in the entry of GM to the world of Autonomous Navigation by being heavily involved in the acquisition of Cruise Automation by GM and also in the subsequent rounds of heavy funding recieved by the company.

With Dan Ammann as the new CEO of Cruise Automation, we can expect the company to have a global presence in terms of its operations in the longer run.