Elon Musk Just Hinted of a New Tesla Dealership in South Africa by Next Year

Elon Musk commented on Twitter that a Tesla Dealership in South Africa is around the corner for the upcoming year.

Musk’s comment was in response to a Tweet tweeted by Ricardo Spagni. Spagni was seen as asking Musk on when a Tesla Dealership would open up in South Africa and it was Musk’s reply to this question that pointed towards a probable opening of a Tesla Dealership in South Africa.

To quote the exact question asked to Elon Musk, ” When is one of these opening back home, boet?”

Against this Musk was seen as replying “Probably end of next year”. However, Musk did not go into the details on the number of dealerships, exact location or exact time of opening”.

Tesla dealership

Elon Musk’s comment on a probable Tesla Dealership in South Africa, South Africa | Source – Twitter

Though the roads of South Africa has a lot of limitations when it comes to deploying a Self-Driving Car, Tesla’s decision to open up a dealership could indeed prove to be useful in the long term. These limitations posed some of the South African Areas in a way could be used to perfecting the Autopilot of Tesla in many ways.

tesla dealership in south africa

A Tesla Model 3 | Source – Wiki

Certain parts of South Africa poses a lot of challenges such as Rough and Tough Terrain, Wildlife on the roads, congested and narrow suburban roads. Since the Autopilot Technology of Tesla is continuously being refined ever since its inception, exposing the car to these situations can help Tesla to get valuable inputs on how the Autopilot perceives and deals with such unexpected and challenging situations.

This, in turn, could help tune the Tesla Autopilot in general by accessing and analyzing these responses and deploying the upgrades, if any, to the Autopilot Technology

Daimler is doing a similar stuff with its Self-Driving Cars. As a part of Daimler’s Intelligent World Drives program, it has chosen one of its test centers as South Africa. This again is to expose Self-Driving Technology to the challenging scenarios in South Africa and thereby fine-tune their Self-Driving Technology.

Yet another highlight of Tesla Dealership in South Africa is that it is also Elon Musk’s birthplace and spend most of his childhood there.

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