Smarten Your Devices by Plugging them into Eve Energy Strip

Smart Home Devices have been around for quite some time now. The recent past has witnessed the evolution of a variety of Smart Devices, with respect to design, versatility, utilities and use cases.

However, recently, there has been the emergence of this one innovative idea or concept of converting your existing electronic devices into Smart Devices. And, this concept has been gathering quite some attention lately. This is clearly evident from the fact that most of the Prominent Players in the Connected Home Segment are currently investing in developing Smart Devices that can Smarten your existing Electronic Devices.One such Smart Device is the Eve Energy Strip.

Here is one Happy News for Apple Home Kit Users – Eve Energy Strip helps you convert your existing electronic devices into Smart Devices. The idea Sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it?

Owning an Eve Energy Stick is like having three Smart Devices at your fingertips. You get to control each of the three connected devices remotely through the Apple HomeKit application. The power strip has three separate energy sockets to which you can plug in the required devices.

This energy strip from Eve is more of a Surge Protector than a power strip. What sets this Surge Protector apart from others is its design and body language. The device looks simple, pretty neat, and premium. The case is carved out of Aluminium on the lateral sides and solid black mat finish on the upper and lower sides. Wall mounters are also present on the lower side of the Power Strip.

Hence, you can easily place them in the open or guest rooms without having to compromise with the look and feel of your home.

Unlike conventional power strips, the control switches for each of the three sockets are arranged together at one end of the power strip. The lateral side, on one of the ends, has a ‘Reset Button’ which finds use when the fuse gets tripped.

Per a statement from AppleInsider, the hands-on testing for turning the connected lights on/off was extremely quick when controlled with the buttons as well as the Home Application. The Energy Strip also hosts a power cable with decent enough length to connect farther spaced electronic devices.

The Remote and App Controllability of the Eve Energy Strip helps finds use in device coupled use cases. For example, coupling the Energy Strip with a Motion Sensor via the Apple Home Kit adds automated lighting controls to your home. Upon detecting motion, the lights can be made turn on automatically. This is just one use case. Depending on the creativity of the user and the combination of connected devices, users can experiment and implement a variety of use cases via the Apple Home Kit.

eve energy strip

Eve Power Strip has Power Consumption Tracking that helps to keep a check on Power Consumption | Source – Eve

Other notable features of the Eve Energy Strip include Power Consumption Monitoring and Scheduling. These two features help to keep a check on the power drawn by appliances such as Televisions or Music Systems thereby making them power and pocket-friendly.

For people with limited budget and Automation Needs for your bedrooms or guest rooms, grabbing an Eve Electric Strip and coupling it with the required Electronic Devices (such as lights, TVs etc) would be a wise choice.

The Eve Energy Strip is expected to hit the market somewhere in March with an estimated price tag of $119. It is also expected to be made available to the buyers via Apple and Eve Online Stores. There could also be a possibility that they are sold through other major e-commerce sellers as well.