Smarten Your Kitchen With the GE Kitchen Hub

The GE Kitchen hub, one of the latest and most anticipated entrants into the Smart Home Segment was showcased for the first time at CES 2019.

This 27-inch Android Powered Smart Display from GE is something which has the potential to become the CPU of your Smart Kitchen. One notable feature of the GE Kitchen Hub is that its use cases are not limited to the kitchen alone. Though designed and advertised as a Smart Kitchen Device, its use cases extend till your door front.

One of GE’s blog posts points towards the possible syncing of the Kitchen Hub with Smart Doorbells or Smart Cameras. This will allow the user to pull up the video feeds of your door front and maybe even interact to the visitor through the Kitchen Hub and Smart Doorbells.

This functionality is currently achieved in Smart Homes by pairing Smart Assistant Powered Displays with Smart Cameras or Doorbells.

The GE Kitchen Hub could prove really useful for working women. This includes Calendar Alerts, Reminders, Quick News Headlines, last minute Fashion Tips, a quick Video call with your aged parents and everything else required to kick-start a perfect day.

GE Kitchen Hub

The 27-Inch Interactive Touchscreen Opens up a wide range of use cases | Source – GE

Since the device is designed to be the central console for your Kitchen, it aids in all kitchen related use cases as well. Being connected to the internet at all times mean that you get to have the latest recipes at your fingertip at all times.

The Kitchen Hub comes with a cooktop facing camera that lets you record pretty much everything going with your cooking process. This is particularly helpful for Food Vloggers and Enthusiasts who wish to share their latest kitchen experiments with the rest of the world. Sharing your ideas and experiments have never been easier. The lighting functionality associated with the Kitchen Hub further complements your video recording and other photo activities.

The fan below the hub further adds to the user-friendliness of the device by the clearing away the smoke created while cooking.

Other than accessing other Smart Home Devices such as Doorbells and Cameras, the GE Kitchen Hub can also be used to monitor and regulate the functioning of other household appliances well. We can surely expect the Kitchen Hub to support GE Connected Appliances such as Wifi Connected Refrigerators, Connect Ranges, Wall Ovens,  Microwaves, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, and Air Conditioners.

GE Kitchen Hub

Exploring your favorite recipes has never been easier | Source – GE

Monitoring and Controlling such a diverse fleet of household appliances from a single central unit by either touch or vocal inputs is indeed the perfect synonym for Connected Home. This could also enable these appliances to connect and talk to each other, in the nearest future.

We could also expect a possible integration of the Kitchen Hub with prominent Smart Assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Such an integration will again increase the use cases and versatility associated with the Kitchen Hub.

The GE Kitchen Hub is expected to be released somewhere in late 2019 with a possible price tag of around $ 600. The price tag is pretty decent considering the usefulness of this Connected Smart Device.