Much Awaited Google Assistant Support for Sonos One Is Finally Here


The much awaited Google Assistant Support for the Sonos One has finally been rolled out. Last week, Sonos had released a notification that its smart speakers Sonos One and Sonos Beam will come with Google Assistant support as an update over the week. Even though this update was promised more than a year ago, it is not until now that Sonos has actually been able to deploy the update to its systems.

The confirmation on Sonos One Google Assistant supports directly came from none other than the Patrick Spence, the CEO of Sonos. Patrick was seen as mentioning the same in his Q2 2019 Shareholder Letter, last week.

Sonos’s shareholder letter further asserted the company’s thrill in rolling out the first speaker in which you actually provide the consumer with the liberty to choose the Smart Assistant that they want.

This feature has now been officially rolled out to Sonos One and Sonos Beam. Sonos One now comes with two Smart Assistant Support – Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Initially, only the devices in the United States will have Google Assistant Support. Patrick’s letter mentioned the rest of the market will follow in the upcoming months.

Google Assistant Support for Sonos One

Sonos One | Source – Sonos

As mentioned earlier, this makes Sonos the only Smart Speaker to support multiple Smart Assistants. Apart from offering the functionalities associated with both the Smart Assistants, it is the choice that Sonos offers to its customers that makes it unique.

This choice becomes particularly impactful when it comes to different use cases. In a comparison of the Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa, we can find that the efficiency of the interaction depends on the use cases. For example, when it comes to topics of general and daily interest such as maps, recipes, weather, etc it was noted that the Google Assistant is a better performer. Alexa, on the other hand, is a great companion when it comes to online shopping and game scores. Hence, with a Sonos, customers get the chance to be really choosy.

Sonos One with Google Assistant is not a replacement for Google Home

Having the Google Assistant support does not really make Sonos One a replacement for the Google Home

. If the primary theme of your Smart Home is based on Google’s Smart Devices, it would not be too easy for the Sonos One to blend in.

For instance, The Sonos One and Beam do not support Chromecast functionality as of now. Hence, you cannot directly stream your YouTube or other videos on a screen as to how you could do with a Google Home. At this point, it is not yet clear on whether a chromecast functionality would be added in the future or not.

Also, Sonos One cannot be controlled from any of the Android Apps such as Google Home. In order to control various functionalities associated with streaming, you will have to resort to the Sonos App.

What we think of the Google Assistant Update to the Sonos One

One point to be noted is that Sonos One does belong to the long line of luxurious Smart Speakers and is nearly unparalleled in Sound Quality as compared to other Speakers in the same segment. Hence as compared to the Echo Plus, Google Home, and any other Smart Speaker in the market it has a much better Speaker output and comes with the support of two Smart Assistants.

Sonos offering the choice to the customers on using the Smart Assistant of their choice is yet another highlight of this update. There are no other Smart Speakers that currently offer this freedom to the customers. It is also fairly easy to switch between both assistants in the Sonos App. All you have to do is go to ‘Voice Services’ and choose the preferred voice assistant.

Some of the basic and necessary Google Assistant features such as the Interpreter, Voice Match, Calling Functionality, and Routines have still not made it to the Sonos One. We could expect that moving forward, Sonos might bring more updates to its Google Assistant Support and hence we could see more features of the Google Assistant being delivered to the Sonos One.


This article was last updated on 18th May 2019. We will keep updating the article as we receive more information.