Google Home and Chromecast for Smarter Video Playbacks


Google Home and Chromecast form a really convenient combination for those who wish you have an Automated Video Experience. The Chromecast does integrate your smartphone with your TV, but still, there is a manual component involved in the operations of this combination. If you need to switch the video being played, or increase or decrease the volume, you will have actually have to take up the phone and do it yourself. This is not a particular hands-free situation.

Google Home and Chromecast

Integrating the Google Home and Chrome Cast helps to transform the activity of watching TV into a fully hands-free activity. This combination allows the user to communicate orally with the TV and to give Voice Commands to control the operations of the Video playback.

Google Home and Chromecast

You will have to first connect your Chromecast with your Google Home in the Google Home App. The setup is pretty intuitive, and with on-screen instructions that follow,  pretty much everyone can set them up on their own. Once connected, Enable Voice Control in the Google Home App to activate Voice Commands. This is required if your Voice Commands are to be followed.

Once you are all set and done configuring the devices, you can now control the Video Playbacks on your TV Screen through the Google Home. Below is the list of operations that you can perform with the Google Home and Chromecast –

Video Playback 

You can ask Google to perform pretty much everything that you would normally do while watching a video. You can Start, Pause, Fast Forward, and Stop the video being played. You can ask Google Home to fast forward to a specific point of time in the Video and it takes you there. You can ask Google to Fast Forward the playback by a couple of seconds or minutes by specifying the time interval that you wish to jump to. The Video playback can be initiated with a command such as “Hey Google, Play Christina Perry Thousand Years on TV”. If you carefully observe this command, you will notice that it is highly specific. Google lets you give highly specific commands. In this case, the Youtube Channel Name and the Name of the video has been mentioned.  Hence you have the freedom to ask for exactly what you need to be played. You can go to the Next and the Previous Videos and also Stop the current video and start a new one. The user can also turn subtitles ‘On’ and ‘Off’.

Image Slideshows

You can project your photo albums and the presentation with the Google Home. You can switch swiftly or slowly as and how you need it and can also freeze on a particular picture. You can also read out your album of choice and Google will play all of the album’s photos for you. Other than restricting the command to the Name of Photo albums alone, you can also ask to play the photo slideshows based on other parameters such as People, Place, Particular Dates or even certain situations. It is really amazing as to how Google picks up photos based on situations.

Volume Control

The Volume functionality is fully controllable with the Google Home and Chromecast combination. You can bring up or bring down the volume as and when you wish. You can give commands to fully mute the TV or raise the volume to the highest level. The Google Home can also be asked to increase the Volume to a specific number. Eg – “Hey Google, Increase the Volume to 85”.


Stream Youtube TV and Netflix

You can control your Youtube TV and Netflix account. You can have all the above mentioned functionalities on Playback and Volume Control while streaming video on Youtube TV or Netflix.

Integrating the Google Home and Chromecast makes Video Streaming a highly optimized activity. There is barely any manual labor required in changing or adjusting the playback. You can just give Vocal Commands and Google will make sure that it is done. The experience is more or less similar to having a Personal Assistant to actually execute your orders.

If you think this combination would make a great addition to your Smart Home – Get the Google Home and Chromecast

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