The Capabilities of the Google Home App

The Google Home App is the software counterpart that acts as the Central Control Panel for controlling your Smart Devices.  In order to control Smart Devices via the Google Home App, you need not always the require the Google Home or the Google Home Mini. The Google Home App itself can act as a central control unit for controlling and regulating various Smart Devices in your Smart Home.

The presence of Google Home or the Google Home Mini definitely has a lot of the ergonomic and technical advantages associated with them, the presence of which completes the entire Smart Home Package allowing you to set up, configure and regulate your Smart Devices in the best possible manner.

Control Smart Devices

The Homepage of the App has the list of the Smart Device Categories based on the devices you have configured. The list includes, but are not limited to Smart Lights, Thermostats, Camera, Broadcast, Smart Locks. You also have a ‘+’ button, clicking on which you can add a new device. You can select your new device from a list of devices. Once you tap on any of these devices, the details of each open up below and you can proceed accordingly. For eg – when you click on the thermostat, you are taken to the thermostat menu in which you have the option to view the temperature of each of those rooms in which the thermostats are installed and then regulate the temperature for each room.

Users also have the option to add more than one Smart Home. You can also invite people in and provide them the access to your Smart Home so that they can control the Smart Devices in your home as well.


The Discover feature of the Google Home App shows the list of Smart Devices you have, but most importantly shows devices that you can add. It pulls up the list of compatible Smart Devices and the guidelines to install them. Once you have a new Smart Device connected to the same WiFi shared by the App, the device shows up in the ‘Discover’ Tab and you can directly add the device from here. You can also see what your other Smart Devices are up to, in this tab

Browse Media

Thi section/tab is basically a Video/Music Library through which can browse through. It will include the list of various Multimedia Applications such as YouTube, Netflix and also videos streaming in the same. When you come across something that interests you, you can directly project it on your TV via your Chromecast, or if you find something worth sharing with others, you have the option to broadcast the same as well.

Addition of Multiple Accounts/Multiple Smart Home

In the Google Home App, you have the option to add more than one account. This feature allows you to store settings for more than one Smart Home. This is particularly convenient for people with Multiple Smart Homes. You can have each of your Smart Homes configured in the same Google Home App instead of having to log out and log in with each of your accounts. Google Home App also has the flexibility to accommodate other people as well. You can actually invite other people to control and configure your Smart Home.

Availability of the Google Assistant

Throughout the time that you are into the Application, you will have the Google Assistant with you. Hence you can ask any questions and will always have the feel of being Assisted.

The Google Home App, by itself, can provide a Miniature Smart Home experience, it cannot however completely replace the Google Home, Google Home Mini or the Google Home Hub. Having a Google Home or a Google Home Mini along with the Google Home App has plenty of benefits when it comes to controlling, regulating and synchronizing between Multiple Smart Devices.

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