The New Google Home Hub is Finally Here

The much awaited Google Home Hub is finally here. The Google Home Hub is a Smart Display which can be connected to various Smart Devices in your home and can act as a Control Panel for controlling the functionalities of these Smart Devices.

The Google Home Hub has a really compact structure – with a touch screen smart display at the front end and a speaker attached at the back. Unlike what you may expect from hearing about the presence of a screen, Google Home Hub does not come with a Camera. Hence it cannot be used for Video Calling or Video Chatting. However, it can be connected to other Smart Devices such as the Nest Hello Door Bell and the Nest Cam Indoor to display what is happening. Hence you cannot completely rule out the possibilities of having a view of your Door Front or any other part of your house. You can also input your vocal responses to people at the door via the Google Home Hub and the Nest Hello Door Bell. The Nest Products here are cited as examples. The Google Home Hub is compatible with the other Smart Cameras and Smart Door Bells as well.

Google Home Hub

The fact that it doesn’t have a camera is actually a plus point for those who are really concerned about their privacy. The absence of a camera also removes the restrictions on where the device can actually be placed. You can place it almost everywhere – your bathroom, kitchen or your bedroom. It actually makes possible the scenario of where you want to watch your favorite cartoon videos or groove to your favorite music even while having a bath – lack of cameras protects your privacy at all times.

The Google Home Hub is also a very good kitchen assistant since you can always look up articles and videos on Cooking Tips and Cooking Procedures.

The presence of the Smart Display also enables the user to get on-screen instructions on Weather, Cooking Tips and almost everything else by merely talking to the Google Home Hub. The Speaker system is also decent, but not as good as the Google Home. Hence it is pretty decent for casually listening to music and as such is not a dedicated device for multimedia.

The Google Home Hub can also act as a Smart Calendar, Event Planner and Bedside Alarm clock. When acting as the clock, the displayed time occupies a vast majority of the screen making it easy to spot and identify the time, especially when you are up from your sleep. The small round camera resembling spot in the top is actually a light sensor for adjusting the screen brightness according to the intensity of the external light. The Automatic Brightness Adjustment is particularly helpful when you are sleeping since it does not spill any extra light on your face and ruin your sleep.

The presence of Google Assistant in the Google Home Hub lets you interact with the device directly by talking to it. You can ask questions to the Hub and it replies back. One special feature to be noted here is that it not only answers to the question verbally but also displays the answer. The advantage of this feature is notable in the case of children since visual components are always easy to be caught by them. You can also just wake up in the morning and ask for your schedule for the day, and it displays and reads out your schedule for the day.

As mentioned earlier, the Google Home Hub can act as a Central Hub for Controlling your Smart Devices. You can integrate your Smart Devices with the Home Hub and control their functionalities as required. Once the devices are connected and configured, scroll down on the screen and you will the list of Smart Functionalities configure. To name a few, you can control Lights, Media (Speakers, Chromecast etc), Thermostats, Cameras, Broadcast, and Smart Locks. For those who are not familiar with the ‘Broadcast’ feature, you can use it to make an announcement through all the speakers connected in your home. Once you open each of these functionalities, you can see the detailed stats on all the configured devices. Based on the requirement, you can then control each of these Smart Devices.

The Google Home Hub is a highly personalized device and the way it needs to be configured or used really depends upon the use cases of the user. Overall, the Google Home Hub is an Innovative Smart Home Hub, with an affordable price tag that lets you control most of your smart devices from one single control point.

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