Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot – Which One is a Better Pick?

The Google Home Mini and Amazon echo dot are two Smart Assistants that have created major ripples in the affordable consumer segment for Smart Assistants. The fact that both of these devices come within similar price brackets make them tough competition for each other.

The Google Home Mini and The Amazon Echo dot are two of the most sought for Mini Smart Assistants in the market. The main reasons for the popularity of these two Mini Smart Assistants are their use cases and affordability. Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are the miniature versions of Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

The fact that the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot comes within an almost similar price bracket necessitates an in-depth analysis of various factors before you actually buy one in order to automate your home within a budget.

Let us now see stands out better – The Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot


Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot

Google Home Mini


Smartness is one of the key features that one looks for in these devices since Smart Assistance is what they are actually built for. Coming to the smartness in answering queries, The Google Home Mini gave better results when asked on questions related to topics of general interests such as Weather, Recipe, Maps, and Locality – such as the distance between places or setting up route navigation between two points. The command reception breakdown and analysis is more efficient in case of Google Home Mini. Hence, the response of the Google Home Mini is also more detailed and accurate as compared to the Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot, however, has an additional benefit to it. It can be a great aid while shopping in Amazon. You can ask the Echo Dot to order products from Amazon. It also answers questions related to Product Pricing, Product Suggestions, and Product Reviews. For people who are really crazy about online shopping, Echo Dot could be a great companion

Both Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are similar in performance when it comes to controlling other Smart Devices. Also, since most of the markets in the current market come configured for Google Assistant and Alexa, controlling most of the current and future devices should be smooth with the two.

Look and Feel

The Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are both compact devices with almost similar dimensions. The Google Home Mini is pretty minimalistic in its look with only one button – the button to turn the mic on or off. The Echo Dot, on the other hand, comes with four control buttons that let you control the Mic and the Speaker Volume. The Home Mini has a more curvy structure compared to the Echo Dot which has more sharp edges. When turned On, Google Home Mini has only three dots that lit up on the top are the responsive lights. On the other hand, for the Echo Dot, the responsive light is a light strip around the device that lits ups when called upon. Coming to the colors, Google Home Mini comes in a variety of colors whereas the Echo Dot comes in only two colors – Black and White

The Google Home Mini with its curvy structure is easy to feel and hold in your hand than the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot weighing 300 grams, however, is nearly double in weight as compared to the Google Home Mini that weighs only 169 grams. The ease of holding these two in your hand should not really matter since these devices are not something that you are going to constantly carry with you.

Speaker Quality

When it comes to Sound Quality and Loudness, Google Home Mini wins hands down. It has a speaker output which is louder and crispier as compared to the Echot Dot when compared at similar and dissimilar volume levels.

Voice Reception and Mic Performance 

When called out from the same distance, Amazon Echo Dot showcased better command reception sense with its group of seven microphones as compared to the Google Home Mini which has only two microphones. However, in a normal sized room, the reception capability of the Mic may not make much difference since both the devices display similar reception capabilities at shorter distances. But, if the rooms in your Smart Home are really long and wide and if you are planning to command these devices from a considerable distance, the Amazon Echo Dot would be a better choice since it can better receive commands from a distance.

Pricing and Availability

The Amazon Echo Dot priced at Rs 2,999 is slightly more expensive than the Google Home Mini at Rs 2,449. They are available at Amazon and Flipkart respectively.

Comparing all the above factors, we think that the Google Home Mini is a better pick in the affordable Smart Device Space. The choice would again vary depending from person to person based on the use cases that one wishes to employ these devices for.

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