Hasbro Baby Yoda is the Best Baby Yoda Toy Till Date


Putting an end to the prolonged wait by Star War fans for official Mandalorian merchandise, Hasbro has come up with the Animatronic Baby Yoda.

Officially know as The Child, this animatronic toy from Hasbro is definitely the best Baby Yoda toy till date. Although the recent times have seen the release of Baby Yoda toys from Build-A-Bear and shopDisney (most of which were soft toys), this piece from Hasbro definitely stands out.

Two notable features of the Hasbro Baby Yoda that make it the most unique Yoda merchandise in the market are its design and animatronics property that allow it to interact with the kids.

The design is so original and realistic that it looks like a living image of the Mandalorin character on the screen. The presence of a removable Mandalorin Necklace, and a premium soft rob further complements the realistic looking feature of the Baby Yoda. A vast majority of the kids would prefer an interactive Yoda against a plush toy.

A still of The Child moving its ears | Source – shopDisney

The Hasbro Baby Yoda Toy or the so called ‘The Child’ interacts with the user with nearly 25 movement and sound combinations. Physical movement includes back and forth moving ears, opening and closing eyes, moving the head up and down, and more. With this toy, you can also recreate the famous scene of how Yoda uses the Force . All you have to do is tap on its head thrice, and The Child will close its eyes, lift up its fingers, and then sigh as if it is using the force.

The toy will also generate sounds for sleeping, happiness excitements, giggles, babbles, and Force effect sounds. You can also make The Child take a Force Nap by putting it to sleep. Having used up all its energies, Yoda could use a nap.


This animatronic toy from Hasbro has created a major stir among the Mandalorin fans. shopDisney does have a pre-order option for this toy, but it seems to have run out of stock already.

For all the attractive features that it has, it is not so expensive. The toy comes with a price tag of $59.99 and is expected to be available coming fall. The pack of 2 AAA batteries needed to run the toy comes with the box.

Image Credits – shopDisney