Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station is an Easy To Use Space Saver


Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station is a quick plug and play docking station designed for the Apple MacBook Pro. At an initial glance, one may find it as only a ‘good to have device’. However, for anyone who wishes to have a neat and minimalistic work space, whether at home or in the office, Henge Docks is just the thing.

Henge Docks, though minimalistic by design, looks premium and hence effortlessly blends with the design of the MacBook Pro. Whether you choose the Silver or Space Grey version, the Henge Docks bears striking resemblance to the MacBook Pro’s design in terms of finish and colour. One could go as far as saying that it looks like an Apple built device.

henge docks

Being a vertical dock, Henge Docks frees up a lot of space on your workstation. Against the usual method of docking your Mac flat on the desk, you now keep it in a vertical fashion freeing up a lot of space which can then be used by other essential items. Presence of precise alignment features make it very easy to insert or remove your Mac from the dock without much effort making it an on the go solution for docking laptops.

henge docks
Docking and undocking in Henge Docks is easy and effortless | Source – Brydge

The dock has a very efficient wire management system. Any wires to and from your MacBook Pro are routed using the dock’s USB-C connectors . Hence, all wires are organised at one point and can be hidden making your open desk look visibly neat and minimalistic.

Freeing up desk space is just one part of the Hinge Docks’s impact story. Keeping your MacBook Pro docked in the Hinge Docks is actually safer than leaving it flat on the desk. The vertical dock with its 3.5 lbs body has a rigid built and any movement except docking and undocking will need a significant amount of force. This means that the docked MacBook is now safe from most accidents caused due by human errors.

Apart from being a great space saver and protective device, Henge Dock also comes with features that guarantee seamless user experience. One such feature is the dock’s ability to quickly connect your Mac with other peripheral devices such as monitors.

This is achieved with the help of 2 USB-C ports each having a speed of 40Gs. This means that anything that you connect with your MacBook

can now be connected via the dock’s USB port and that too very quickly with a hassle free wire management system . Dual display connections and dock in for charging are two such features that enhance workspace experience.

henge docks

Henge Docks also does a good job when it comes to maintaining the temperature of the docked Mac. It has exhaust vents that facilitate the air movement away from the CPU thereby helping Mac’s cooling system in maintaining the overall laptop temperature.

Overall, Henge Docks is a cost effective, easy to use, and feature rich solution for organising your desk. Henge Docks is available for both 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pros and can be bought at Brydge or Amazon.