High Volume Orders Force Tesla to Extend Price Rise to Wednesday

Tesla has just now announced that the company has postponed the price rise deadline of its vehicles to Wednesday. Tesla attributes this decision to the unusually high volume of orders in the past couple of days. Tesla mentioned that they were unable to process the sudden surge in order volume. This resulted in Tesla’s price extension to the midnight of Wednesday. Through its official page, Tesla was seen as tweeting on the same

tesla price-rise

Tesla’ tweet on extending the price-rise deadline | Source – Tesla

Now that the price rise deadline has been extended by a day, potential buyers can now order their dream Tesla model before the price rise. Tesla’s price rise on all of its Models (X, Y,3, and S) was supposed to take effect on Tuesday. However, this was meant to be a slight price rise, as said by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

Last week (13th March) Elon Musk had tweeted reminding the people to buy their favorite Tesla Model before the planned price-rise on Tuesday. He also added that all the orders are fully refundable even when you have had your Tesla for over a week. The tweet received an enormous response from Musk’s followers on Twitter. People were asking all sorts of questions, some even going as far asking him how to get a Tesla for ‘free’. Some even shared their ‘Order Confirmed’ screenshots on the thread.

tesla price rise

Musk tweets on Tesla Price-rise | Source- Tesla

The enormous increase in order volume is not as surprising as it might sound. Given the pace with which Tesla cars are being preferred by more and more consumers, it is only normal that Tesla sees an increase in orders.  It is now an accepted reality now that more and more people are putting their faith in Tesla’s Electric Vehicles – with respect to Style, Performance, and Stability, which directly transforms into sales.

Also, though not entirely, the increase in order volume could be partly attributed to the unveiling of the Model Y. There was a lot of hype and suspense around the release of the Model Y. Tesla’s latest cross-over SUV received a huge round of applause from fans and consumers alike. It is currently one of the most sought-for and technologically-abled SUV in its class, owing to its looks, performance, safety, and other features. Hence, it is highly probable that Model Y orders would have contributed to the unexpected increase in order volume.

Whether it is the production or the logistics of the new cars that Tesla was unable to accommodate is not yet clear – it could be either of the two. Last year, Tesla had faced delays in production as well as the order deliveries. Once the production hell was overcome, the company had gone into logistics hell. Tesla, however, was able to overcome the same pretty quickly and deliver the orders without much delay.

In the wake of difficulties in accommodating the unexpected surge in orders, it was a good thing that Tesla decided to extend its price-rise deadline to Midnight Wednesday.