How the Tesla Model Y Compares Against the Tesla Model X

After a significant and much anticipated waiting period, the Tesla Model Y has been finally unveiled. The unveiling event, which took place at Tesla’s Designer Studio was hosted by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. During the event, Musk gave a walkthrough of the features hosted in the Model Y.

Model Y, being a cross over SUV by design and performance resembles the Model X in a lot of aspects. The former, however, is different from the latter as well. Below are the comparisons between the Model Y and Model X on a set of commonly observed parameters – Design, Performance, Self-Driving Technology, and Pricing –



The Model X and Model Y share a lot of distinctions when it comes to the Design Language. On the front end, Model Y is distinctly different from Model X and bears similarity to the front end of the Model 3 – especially the rear part hosting the headlight.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y as seen in Tesla’s Official site | Source – Tesla

A notable difference between both the cars is in their doors. The Model X has Falcon Wing Doors on either side that open upwards. These are really useful in space constricted areas such as heavily parked parking lots or in dense traffic situations. Model Y, on the other hand, has conventional rear doors that open to either side. Falcon Doors in the Model X adds further convenience for boarding the car and accessing the third row of seats.

One common exterior feature that both cars share is the presence of a coupe shaped arched rear end. This adds a sporty appeal to both the cars.

Tesla Model X

Side view of the Tesla Model X


When it comes to the interior, both the models share similarities as well as differences. The large and responsive touchscreen (17 inches for Model X and 15 inches for Model Y), white themed based dashboards, and stain-free white colored seats are some similarities. However, the Model X dashboard looks more premium whereas the Model Y has a simpler layout.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Interior | Source – Tesla

Panoramic sunroofs are yet another attraction of Tesla cars. The roofs of Tesla cars are designed to have increased headroom coupled with a magnificent view of the sky. Model X comes with an all-glass panoramic windshield for the roof. Model Y, similar to Model 3, has its entire roof made of glass delivering the best viewing experience for its drivers. The roofs of both cars are tinted to protect the passengers from UV light.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Dashboard | Source – Tesla

Seating Capacity and Storage

Both the Model Y and Model X host a seven-passenger seating option. In the case of Model Y, the third row of seats are optional. The third row can be expected to have more legroom in the case of Model X since it is considerably wider and longer than the Model Y. The same applies to the third-row headroom as well.

Storage capacity between the Model X and Model Y share a notable difference of 20 cu ft. Model X with its 88 cu ft has a higher cargo space than the Model Y with its storage capacity of 66 cu ft. Both the cars, however, has significantly more cargo volume than the likes of other SUVs such as the Range Rover Evoque ( 51 cu ft). Considering the fact that the Model Y is a compact SUV, the cargo volume is quite impressive.


Acceleration and Top Speed

Both the Model X and Model Y are performance-based sports SUVs. But, the Model X is clearly the better performer. In a span of just 2.8 seconds, Model X can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour – now that is some power. Model Y takes 3.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour, ie more than 0.7 seconds of the time taken by Model X.

A Similar trend is observed in the case of top speed as well. Model X has a top speed of 130 miles per hour whereas the Model Y has a top speed of 120 miles per hour.

Off-Road Performance and Range

Both the SUVs come with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, Traction Control for all weather conditions, Lowered Center of Gravity, Big Wheels (Performance oriented – 20 inches for Model Y and 22 inches for Model X), and Impact Protection mechanisms to ensure enhanced Safety and Performance.

Model X is one of the safest SUVs currently available with an overall safety rating of  5 Stars. Elon Musk, in the Model Y Launch event, had mentioned that similar to the Model 3, they expect to receive 5-Star Safety Rating for the Model Y in all the categories.

Both cars support Supercharging and are the best choices for inter-state or long road trips. When it comes to charge efficiency, both the SUVs perform much better than their counterparts in the market. Model X has a range of 295 miles, whereas the Model Y has an approximate range of 280 miles.

Self-Driving Technology

Tesla’s Self-Driving Technology, the Autopilot seems to have similar features in the Model X and Y. Autopilot in both the cars is aided by similar configuration suits comprising of a 360-degree span of vision cameras, Long Range Radars, and a combination of 12 Ultrasonic Sensors for Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance.

Tesla had also recently announced that later this year, all of its cars will be upgraded to achieve Full Self-Driving Capability. During the launch of the Model Y, Elon Musk was seen as making further comments on the same. Hence, we can also expect the full Self-Driving Capability to be rolled out to the Model Y along with Tesla’s other cars.


According to a report in CNBC, Model Y starts at a price of $ 39,000 for the standard version. The Model X, as stated by Cars U.S News starts at a whopping $79,500 for X 75 D version. Hence there is a considerable price difference between the two SUVs making them occupy different spaces in the SUV segment.


The Model Y is never a replacement for the Model X. The first one is cross over compact SUV whereas the other one is a complete SUV. Both occupy different segments in the SUV Space and hence cannot replace each other. It is up to the user to analyze his/her needs and then pick either the Model X or the Model Y.