How the Tesla Trip Planner Helps Make Long Distance Travel Easy and Efficient

Tesla had recently released the website version of its Trip Planner. The Tesla Trip Planner available at Tesla’s official site helps you kick start the planningĀ  process for your most awaited long distance vacation.

Tesla Trip Planner (based on Google Maps) calculates the distance between your source and destination points. The system then pulls out the number and location of Supercharger Stations present along your route so that you know where to make your pit stops for recharging your Tesla.

As a first step towards using the Trip Planner, you need to provide three inputs – Tesla Model you plan to take on the drive, your Source and Destination points, and Additional Stops (if any).

Currently, you can select from three Tesla Models for planning your trip- Model S (All Wheel Drive). Model X (All Wheel Drive), and Model 3. You have both Long Range and Performance Modes in the Model S and Model X, and RWD/AWD Long Range Performance Models for the Model 3. The Model Y is currently not in the list and is expected to be added to the list soon.

tesla trip planner

Tesla Trip Planner to input your car details | Source – Tesla

Once you are done submitting your car model and travel details, the Trip Planner then gives you the complete list of Supercharger Stations between your Source and Destination along with the estimated time required for charging at each of these stations. Apart from these details, the Trip Planner also shows the distance (in miles) you need to travel along with an approximate time duration needed for the travel. You also have an option to see the list of superchargers near your destination location.

The Trip Planner also has an ‘Add Stop’ button using which you can add multiple stops to between your source and destination. You can also add any other destinations or stops post your main destination.

tesla trip planner

Option to select Multiple Stops in the Trip Planner | Source – Tesla

Yet another important parameter that the Tesla Trip Planner shows is an estimate of the gas savings that you get when you travel the same distance with a Tesla over any vehicle that uses gasoline.

Tesla Trip Planner

Trip Planner Shows the list of Superchargers on the maps between South Dakota and Washington DC | Source – Tesla

For a long drive between South Dakota and Washington DC, the Trip Planner pulled up a list of 9 Supercharger Stations. These included the supercharger stations at Mithcell, Worthington, Albert Lea, La Crosse, Madison, and Country Club Hills, Angola, Strongsville, and Somerset. The distance was shown as 1,467 miles to be covered within a duration of 28 hours and 10 minutes. Estimated Gas Savings for this trip were shown as $ 191.


Tesla Trip Planner

List of Supercharger Stations between South Dakota and Washington DC along with details on Gas Savings | Source- Tesla

Tesla has also put two options – ‘Order Now’ and ‘Schedule a Test Drive’ option in the Trip Planner. It seems a bit doubtful as to why Tesla put these options over thereĀ  – are they really expecting that customers buy one of their cars after being impressed by the usefulness of the Trip Planner. However, there are other definite reasons that make Tesla an ideal choice for Long Distance Travel


What we think

The Tesla Trip Planner is a really useful tool when it comes to planning that long weekend drive with your friends or family. Usually, people taking out electric vehicles for long drives (especially cross country or inter-state drives) are skeptical on whether they should actually do so owing to the question of how they would actually recharge their cars on the go.

This confusion is what the Trip Planner takes out. You can now easily get the complete list and location of the supercharger stations on your route. Since the Trip Planner also provides the approximate time required at each of the supercharger stations, you can plan your refueling and refreshment stops accordingly – it increases the efficiency and eases out the planning process.


This article was last updated on 20th April 2019. We will keep updating the article as we receive any new information on the Tesla Trip Planner.