HP Tango Smart Home Printer to Come with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Support

HP Tango Smart Home Printer has been recently launched by HP. The HP Tango, boasted as one of the first Smart Printers in the world comes with a lot of features that sets it apart from conventional printers in terms of design, operation, and maintenance.

One distinctive feature of the HP Tango Smart Home Printer is definitely its smartness.  HP Tango redefines the conventional way of using a Printer. Usually, how you use a printer is that you get it connected to your workstation at all times and take printouts as and when required. Also, you have to make yourself available near the Printer to use it, in most of the cases. This is where the HP Tango pushes in its peculiar nature by making the operation of taking printouts easy and innovative.

The HP Tango Smart Printer can be accessed and controlled from almost anywhere from your smartphone or laptop, whether or not you are connected to the same WiFi as the printer.  Remote connectivity and controllability are what sets this printer apart. The Remote control feature is made available through the HP Smart App that lets the user to connect to the printer from almost everywhere.

No gadget is considered fully Smart unless we can actually talk to it. HP has taken care of this aspect of smartness as well. The Tango comes configured with Voice Command Capability. When we say Voice Command Capability, we do not mean that it can directly take your vocal inputs. The same happens through a Smart Assistant such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Cortana. You can give vocal commands to the printer via any of these Smart Assistants. With the HP Tango, taking printouts have become extremely simplified. It is also very easy to set up the HP Tango with these Assistants since it comes with an easy to follow Setup Wizard.

Integration of the ability to sync with Smart Assistants really cuts down on the amount of manual effort that the user has to put in. This is so by allowing the user to combine multiple commands and execute the same at once. To cite an example, you can ask Alexa to download a particular document from the web and get any number of copies printed. With any other normal printer, you will have to download the document and then set the required printer options (the number of copies, for instance) to get the printouts. Another example could be that you are browsing through the web and comes across a really good recipe. Just ask Alexa or Google Assistant to get the printout of the recipe, and there you go. You can also directly take the printouts from your phone through the HP Smart App – makes it so easy for you share the hard copies of your vacation photos with your friends or family, against the conventional method of sharing only the soft copies of photos. Though Tango was not designed for printing photos, it does a pretty decent job when it comes to doing so.

The HP Tango Smart Home Printer is Smart from all the aspects of owning a printer. Not just the operational part, but from also a maintenance point of view.  The App sends you periodic notifications when you run out of ink asking to replace the cartridges. Reminding the user of running out of ink is just one part. It can also automatically order new cartridges once you start running low on ink. This automatic ink order feature is enabled with the help of HP’s Instant Ink Service. The Instant Ink Service comes with four different plans for you to choose from. One of those plans is a free plan which allows you 15 Pages per month for free. Hence if you are someone who takes printouts very rarely, you can always stick to the Free Plan.

HP Tango Smart Home Printer

HP Insta Ink Subscription Plans

The Easy Scanning feature of the HP Tango makes it very convenient to scan documents and share the same via email or the cloud and also take the printouts. Hence, to some extent, most of the drawbacks of not having an in-built scanner are copped up for.

Yet another distinguishing feature of the HP Tango is its ergonomic nature. Unlike conventional printers which are static to your workstation, HP Tango is highly dynamic when it comes to use cases. You do not have to keep the Tango plugged in at all times. You can just take the printer out whenever need, connect the same to your system and take the required print out and put it back. The sleek and compact nature of the HP Tango further adds to its ergonomic nature. It has a boxy structure and comes with fabric covers. The HP Tango X, however, comes with a linen cover and is slightly priced higher. A fully covered tango bears a striking resemblance to a closed book.

HP Tango Smart Home Printer

HP Tango X (with linen cover)

Though the HP Tango may not be able to replace dedicated Photo printers, it does a pretty good job of being a truly smart office accessory that you would want to add to your workstation.  For those of you who wish to buy one of these, you can get them from HP Online Store or from Best Buy.

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