Inirv Smart Stove Knobs For the Safest Cooking Experience

Inirv Smart Stove Knobs are, as the name suggests ‘Smart Stove Knobs’ and are a true piece of innovation when it comes to Kitchen Safety. You must be thinking how a Stove Knob could be. The Inirv Smart Stove Knobs are really smart and completely eliminates the need for the Initialization, Facilitation, and Monitoring of the working of a Gas Stove. The Inirv Smart Stove Knobs comes loaded with features for safety as well as for making cooking a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The Inirv Smart Stove Knobs can be connected to the knobs of your existing Stove. These Smart Stove Knobs makes possible the idea of Hands-Free Cooking. The Inivr can be connected to your smartphone via WiFi and hence can be monitored and controlled remotely via the Inirv App and requires no physical presence from the user.

For the first time, you can actually speak to your stove, via the Inirv Smart Stove Knobs. You can communicate with the Knob orally to set the Cooking Duration, Burner Settings and other commands for the food that you are about to cook and these Smart Stove Knobs will automatically adjust and configure based on your inputs.

You can full monitor the functioning of the Gas Stove via the Inirv App. You will be given information on whether the Knob is turned Off or On. You can preset the inputs before cooking and Inirv will automatically configure itself and the burner accordingly. The Inirv also acts as a Cooking Assistant and reminds you to add ingredients or stir the mixture at regular intervals, based on the inputs that you had earlier supplied. The Inirv Smart Stove Knobs can be monitored and controlled remotely. Lets us say, you forget to turn off the gas on a day or at least you doubt so when you are in the office, you can actually check the App to see if the burner is actually turned. If it is turned on, you can turn it off, via the app.

The Inirv Smart Stove Knobs are also very keen on safety. They do not compromise with safety in any way. They keep scanning for the presence of people around them and when they find out that the absence of people for a specified amount of time, they turn off the gas on their own. You do not have to constantly remind yourself to turn off the gas or set the burner at low when you go to attend other important stuff. Inirv has got you covered.

The Inirv Smart Stove Knob is a highly Innovative and User-Friendly Gadget. If you are someone who wishes to convert cooking into a seamless and interactable smart experience and doesn’t want to compromise with the safety of your Smart Home in any way, Inirv Smart Stove Knobs are for you. You can reserve them from Inirv