Top Reasons To Avoid The iPhone 6s in 2020


iPhone 6s has been around for nearly 5 years now. Post its release in 2015, it was quickly accepted by users, and went on to drive major sales for Apple.

Being a 5 year old model, most of the features of the iPhone 6S are outdated for the kind of requirements that users have in 2020. The phone by itself is not being produced by Apple anymore, but the refurbished models are available at eBay and Amazon.

Whether old or new, should you really go for an iPhone 6S in 2020 ? We suggest that you don’t. Read on to find out the top reasons to avoid the iPhone 6s in 2020.

iPhone 6s has an outdated design and display by 2020 standards

Though some might argue that the iPhone 6s has a pretty acceptable design by modern standards, it is still very outdated. Despite having smaller dimensions, it doesn’t have the look and feel of a 2020 smartphone.

Having the traditional iPhone design with large bezels, small screen to body ratio, and 2nd generation TouchID integrated home button, the iPhone 6s looks like an outsider in the current age of bezel less and all-screen OLED displays.

iphone 6s in 2020

One might bring up the case of the new iPhone SE here, which also has a home button and a bezelled display. But that is a different case altogether as the 2020 iPhone SE offers a lot of other features as a trade-off for the lack of an all-screen display.

Coming to the display, the 4.7 inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 750×1334 pixels is not all new. Though it doesn’t look all that bad, there are tones of other smartphones available in 2020 that offer premium OLED displays for similar or slightly higher price tags.

Owning a refurbished iPhone 6s is challenging

As already mentioned, the iPhone 6s is no more in production. Hence, getting an unused iPhone 6s could be a bit of a challenge. Some carriers do have stocks left, but this would mean that you may have to use a different carrier than the one you already are.

This leaves you with the option of getting a refurbished model from eBay or Amazon for a price as low as $100. But, with the refurbished models comes a few challenges. For starters, there is the risk of getting a phone with exterior or interior damages. Also, most of the times, used phones comes with severe battery life issues.

iPhone 6s may not have a promising future for Software Updates

The iPhone 6s has had a glorious 5 year run in terms of software updates. With the latest iOS 13.4 being made available to the iPhone 6s, things have been pretty smooth so far.

However, the question is more around future updates. Though we can expect to have updates till the end of next year or so, there is no guarantee that the iPhone 6s will continue to get all of Apple’s software updates post the 1-2 year period. This is something that needs to be given a serious thought before buying the 6s.

Lower battery life and old generation processor of the iPhone 6s may not meet 2020 expectations

iPhone 6s hosts Apple’s A9 chipset, which as you know is a very old processor. Though a day to day usage could be smooth, when it comes to multi-tasking or running memory intensive tasks such as video editing, you will start feeling the heat.

With the iPhone 6s, the battery life is yet again a concern. With its 1715 mAh battery, it is way behind its 2020 competitors. With an iPhone 6s, if you are planning to run latest applications, you might find yourself hitting the charging spot every few hours.


Also, once the battery goes below 80%, the phone automatically adjusts its performance to avoid sudden shutdown. You can always turn this feature off, but keeping the peak performance up for longer time can drain your battery much faster.

Our Recommendation

Considering all the above factors, we recommend that you do not go for the iPhone 6s in 2020. There are several other smartphones that offer a lot more features for your investment.

If you like all-screen displays, you can always go for the iPhone XR which offers a great camera, modernistic design and premium features at an affordable price tag. Since it was released in 2018, the XR will continue to receive software updates for the foreseeable future.

If having an all-screen display is not a priority, you can go for the new iPhone SE which is also a very powerful device with the best single camera system on an iPhone.