Is the iPhone 8 Plus In 2020 Worth it?


The iPhone 8 Plus has been in the market for around 3 years now. A flagship killer of 2017, the iPhone 8 Plus was one of the strongest smartphones available then.

With both new and refurbished versions available with selected retailers, the iPhone 8 Plus can still appeal to the needs of consumers with a low budget. Let’s have a detailed look at how the iPhone 8 Plus and its features hold up in 2020.

Let’s start with design and looks. Despite having a traditional iPhone design with thick bezels and TouchID enabled home button, the iPhone 8 Plus with aluminum edges and gorilla glass back still has a premium touch to it. In terms of build quality, it can catch up with any of the new smartphones in 2020.

iphone 8 plus in 2020

Its massive 5.5 inch IPS LCD screen offers a satisfying user experience in terms of both viewing and typing. What further enriches the display experience is the iPhone 8’s pixel density of 401 pixels per inch and true tone technology. The pixel density in an iPhone 8 plus is higher than that of the iPhone XR. While the higher pixel density points towards a much sharper display, the true tone feature contributes to having natural colors on the screen. Overall, the iPhone 8 Plus has a really good display by 2020 standards.

Coming to performance, the iPhone 8 Plus with its A11 Bionic chipset, 3GB RAM, and running on Apple’s latest iOS 13.4, is a beast. Whether you are multi-tasking, running regular applications, or simply browsing the internet, you will not experience a slowness in performance.

From the geekbench tests, we could see that both the single and multi-core scores for the iPhone 8 Plus are pretty high. The single-core score is in fact close to the single-core score of the iPhone XS. The iPhone 8 Plus’s score is not too far from Apple’s current flagships either.

Hence, from a performance perspective, iPhone 8 Plus can take up pretty much everything that user requirements in 2020 throw at it.

Camera is yet another segment in which the iPhone 8 Plus holds up to the expectations. The rear dual-camera setup hosts a 12 MP wide-angle camera and a 12 MP telephoto camera with 2x digital zoom. Other notable features such as PDAF, optical image stabilization, dual-tone flash with slow sync, HDR, portrait mode with portrait lighting, and studio lighting effects are also present in the iPhone 8 Plus.

iphone 8 in 2020
A Portrait Shot from iPhone 8 | Source – Apple

The main camera supports 4K video recording @24, 30, or 60 fps, and 1080p at 30, 60, 120 or 240fps. The 7 MP front camera with its HDR and face recognition feature can record 1080p videos @ 30fps.

Hence, most of the camera and video recording features that you see in modern iPhones are also present in the iPhone 8 Plus. Though not as good as Apple’s current flagships, the camera system in the iPhone 8 Plus does take really good pictures and records some really nice videos making it a more than enough choice for daily needs.

Software updates are yet another reason that makes the iPhone 8 Plus a good choice in 2020. The iPhone 8 Plus despite being a 3-year-old model still runs on the latest iOS and that too with a commendable performance. Looking at Apple’s history of providing software updates, we can pretty much expect that the iPhone 8 Plus will continue to receive software updates for at least the next two years.


Other striking features that make the iPhone 8 Plus a good pick in 2020 include its AR capabilities, wireless charging feature, IP67 water/dust resistance, and a reliable battery life.

iPhone 8 Plus supports Qi wireless charging

It’s not just the features that make the iPhone 8 Plus a good pick in 2020, but the price tag at which you get these features. You can easily pick up an iPhone 8 Plus in 2020 for around $400. If you go for a refurbished version, you, the price tag can be much lower.

Should you go for an iPhone 8 Plus in 2020? Yes you can, provided you are ready to compromise on the need of having an all-screen Apple display. The iPhone 8 Plus has a good camera, strong performance, premium design, and a promising future for software updates.