iPhone SE Plus Specs- What to Expect?


Last week saw the release of the much awaited budget offering from Apple, the iPhone SE 2020. Though intended for the budget segment, the iPhone SE 2020 is a really powerful iPhone and packs quite a punch under the hood in terms of hardware configuration. Some of the hardware specifications, such as the presence of the A13 bionic chipset, are even comparable with the iPhone 11 series.

Now that Apple has started taking pre-order requests for the 2020 iPhone SE, there are talks of an upcoming Plus variant of the 2020 iPhone SE.

Earlier today, the famous Tech Analyst Jon Prosser was seen as tweeting on the iPhone SE Plus 2020. Jon tweeted that he would soon be coming out with some new information on the iPhone SE Plus 2020. From his tweet, we could assume that a Plus variant of the iPhone SE is currently under development or at least in a discussion phase at Apple.

Though official specs of the iPhone SE Plus are not yet out, we can come with a few.

iPhone SE Plus Specs – What to Expect ?

Since the 2020 iPhone SE is an upgrade of the iPhone 8, we can conclude that the iPhone SE Plus would be an upgrade of the iPhone 8 Plus. Two main upgrades that we will get to see in the iPhone SE Plus will be bigger dimensions and a dual camera setup.

iPhone SE Plus Design

If Apple goes along the same lines as it did with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, we would get a device with design and built similar to that of the 2020 iPhone SE, but with much bigger dimensions. This would mean a bigger screen with higher resolution and increased screen to body ratio.

iPhone SE Plus’s rear view could resemble the iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone SE Plus may retain the home button and the Touch ID like the 2020 iPhone SE. This is so because the absence of a home button would make the display all screen, thereby putting the iPhone SE Plus in the same league as the iPhone 11.

Brightness levels and other display features of the iPhone SE Plus would more or less remain similar to that of the 2020 iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Plus Camera

Camera is where we will be able to spot a major upgrade in the iPhone SE Plus. Like other Plus models from Apple, the iPhone SE Plus will also come with a dual camera setup. One lens would mostly be the existing 12MP f/1.8 wide angle lens with PDAF and OIS. The second lens could be a 12MP telephoto or ultra wide angle lens.

Front camera would be the same as the 2020 iPhone SE with similar video recording features.

iPhone SE Plus Performance

Coming to performance, the iPhone SE Plus will run on iOS 13 and retain the same A13 bionic chipset. This is the the latest processor that Apple currently has in the market, and so the probability of Apple going for a further upgrade in processor is very low.


The 2020 iPhone SE Plus will come with 4GB RAM or higher since the 2020 iPhone SE has 3GB RAM. This is how Apply usually keeps it between the base and plus models. The Plus models have the same processor as the base models, but with a higher RAM. Higher RAM in the iPhone SE plus implies slightly better performance when running memory intensive tasks.

iPhone SE Plus Pricing

The iPhone SE Plus would be priced between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11. We can expect the base variant to be priced $100-$150 higher than that of the 2020 iPhone SE. This puts the price of the iPhone SE Plus close to $500 or higher.

Official updates on the features and confirmation on the iPhone SE Plus launch are still being awaited. We are expecting that Apple should be dropping few hints or teasers soon.

Image credits – Apple