Is Model Y the Most Anticipated Self-Driving Promise From Tesla?

Model Y, the latest and most anticipated model in Tesla’s Electric Self-Driving Segment is all set to make its debut on March 14th. Though as of now not much information is available on how the car might actually come out to be, there are lots of features that we could add to the list of expectations – the most prominent of which would be the Full Self-Driving Capability and V3 Supercharging.

Recent times have seen Tesla’s name revolve around the Self-Driving Segment. This was further cemented with Tesla’s statement that promised of a fully Self-Driving Capability in their Cars. Tesla had recently announced an offer in which the customers have been offered an Autopilot Extension for just 2000 Dollars against the original upgrade rate of 7000 Dollars.

From the image shown on Tesla’s website, the Model Y looks a lot masculine. The car looks really tall and wide. The front side of the car resembles the Model 3 in some aspects, especially the headlights.

model y

The Tesla Model Y Sneak Peak at Tesla’s official website | Source – Tesla

Coming to the features, we can expect all the currently app-based remote functionalities to be installed in the Model Y – we could even expect the release of new features along with the model. This may include, Dog Mode, Sentry Mode, Remote Seat Heating, Parking Assist and Remote Summon.

The Model Y will also come equipped with the ability to adapt to the upcoming Autopilot Upgrades, the most anticipated of which is the Recognition and Response to traffic lights. Understanding and analyzing the traffic light patterns will be a huge plus since this will help the autopilot to navigate more efficiently, especially in densely populated urban areas with complex road distribution patterns.

As mentioned earlier, Model Y is expected to come with a lot of similar features to the Model 3. However, the car is definite to have additional premium features of its own. This will keep its price bracket well above that of the Model 3 – at least by a couple of thousands of dollars.

The V3 Supercharging system which was recently announced by Tesla is yet another feature that will make its way to the Model Y.

There is yet another reason to assert the fact that Self-Driving Capability might be a focus of attraction in the Model Y. This is so because most of the Self-Driving Car companies are rapidly catching up in deploying their self-driving cars on the road. Hence, if Tesla is to maintain its stature of a company already having fully Self-Driving Cars on the road, they should be putting the pedal hard on the Autopilot Technology.

Whether or not the Model Y will come with any extra Autopilot Features is not known as of now.

The Model Y unveiling is set to happen on the 14th of March. Interested customers can view the live broadcast on the same day starting 8 PM.