Kyle Vogt on Cruise Automation and Self-Driving Cars

Kyle Vogt, the Co-Founder and Former CEO of Cruise Automation was seen as speaking on Cruise Automation and on the Self-Driving Technology in general.

Kyle was recently succeeded by Dan Amann to be the new CEO of Cruise Automation, currently a subsidiary of GM Motors. However, Kyle still remains the Chief Technology Officer now and will be focused more on the technical operations of the company.

Earlier this year, in an interview with Sarah Frier (Technology Reporter, Bloomberg) in CB Insights, Kyle Vogt was seen as opening up on his views on Cruise Automation and Self-Driving Cars.

Kyle says that everyone at Cruise Automation gives utmost importance to Safety when developing Self-Driving Cars. They are interested in building a long-term sustainable business. They are not interested in being the first company to demonstrate a complete working prototype of Self-Driving Car, but they aspire to be the first company to build the first successful production model of a Self-Driving Car fleet capable of being deployed on the streets in real time and thereby establish a large sustainable business in the Self-Driving Segment.

Kyle believes that Human Level of performance in any technology is just any stop at any point along the way. When machines exceeding human capabilities come up, they will gradually start taking over the role of humans.

Self-Driving Cars can have a profound impact on the Society. The impact comes in two ways. Self-Driving cars can make the roads a safer place and also really change the way the people commute. Having a shared autonomous fleet can give back the people a huge portion of their lives.

A Self-Driving Test Car from Cruise Automation (Chevrolet Bolt) | Source – Wiki

There are no shortcuts to deploying the Self-Driving Technology. It has to be safe and reliable, Kyle added.

The interview also touched upon one of the most trending technology in Autonomous Navigation – LIDAR. On being asked about LIDAR, Kyle responded saying that LIDAR is an important technology when it comes to self-driving cars. People have been sticking to LIDAR for quite some time now. This is attributed to the fact that LIDARS act as really good sensors as they provide a lot of information on the environment around the car. The assumption that LIDAR is expensive poses a hindrance to making it commercial. But now, LIDAR prices have gone down and it is more commercially available now.

Kyle also added that it is the business execution and not the science problem that keeps him up at the night. It is not easy for a startup to completely build and deploy a self-driving car. Startups usually go with the thought that the interesting tech problem is to be solved first. Other practicalities such as Diagnostics, Reliability, and Integration into production systems are kept apart for a later time.

To create a fully self-driving car that is acceptable by everyone, it would require considerable time and effort. This is what Cruise Automation aims to achieve – to built and deploy a fully Autonomous Car in a real-time environment.

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