Latest Video from BMW Focuses on the Safety of their Self-Driving Cars

Earlier today, BMW released a video that focuses on calling out the amount of importance that they provide to Safety associated with their Self-Driving Cars. The video titled ‘The future of driving is nothing to be afraid of’ succeeds in effectively conveying the story of how BMW puts safety first.

BMW Self-Driving Car

BMW tweets on its latest video on Self-Driving Cars | Source – BWM, Twitter

The major part of the video is set in an unnamed, dark and woody area where you see a BMW Sedan cruising through. Suddenly, a ghostly female figure is seen as appearing in front of the car. The car then stops at a safe and considerable distance. The Ghost then slowly walks up to the car, pulls the door open and looks inside. To the surprise of the Ghost as well as the viewers, the driving seat is empty – it was one of BMW’s Self-Driving Test Vehicles. Seeing the driving seat empty, the Ghost herself gets scared, gives out a scream and then runs away.

As the car drives back to BMW Autonomous Driving Campus in Munich, we can read the tag ‘Autonomous Driving Test Vehicle’ on the rear bumper.

This video from BMW, though short, emphasis on the safety of self-driving cars. The first point on safety has been made in the scene of how the car stops. The car, though coming at considerable speed (as seen in the video) stops at a safe distance on the sudden detection of an obstacle. The company assures that there is nothing to be afraid as they have prioritized ‘Safety’ as the most important parameter in the development of their Self-Driving Cars. In the video, BMW also added that this is achieved with the help of large scale data-driven development at the BMW Autonomous Driving Campus in Munich.

Recent times have seen most of the Self-Driving Car companies being vocal and expressive about how much importance they give to the safety associated with their Self-Driving Technology. This attempt does make sense, since, at this point, one of the most debated aspects of Self-Driving Technology is ‘Safety’. Despite the presence of other factors like Feasibility in Deployment and Advancements in Technology, safety concern becomes the single most factor that may determine the fate of Self-Driving Cars.


Video Source – BMW Youtube