Nico Says Living In a Tesla has been the Best Decision He Made

Have you ever thought of ‘Living in a Tesla’? By the phrase ‘Living in a Tesla’, we are actually referring to living in one of Tesla’s cars. This includes sleeping, sitting, eating and working in one. Though the concept may seem a little out of the world, it is indeed practical and has been successfully proved by Nico, a former employee at Tesla Motors.

Nico in an interview with Dylan Megastar, explains how a documentary seen in Junior High spread the seeds for his interest in Electric Cars. He then joined Tesla after his studies, and owing to his interest in electric vehicles, he grew up in the company quite well.

Nico had already heard of the Sprinter program and wanted to be part of it. This interest combined with high rent and mortgage in the real-estate became the key decision making factor for Nico to opt for the ‘Tesla Vanlife’

Nico mentions that his foremost concern about living in cars was the inability to stand up. This concern has been taken care of in Tesla Model X. The model X has both its doors opening up, giving him ample space to literally stand up inside the car.

Living in a Tesla

Nico in his Tesla Model X | Source – Teslavanlife

He stores all the daily needs in the car itself. This includes kitchenware, bathroom supplies (such as pressure shower container), Snacks and other essential items. Most of the kitchenware and bathroom essentials are stored in the front boot whereas the central console is for snacks. You can find snacks, floss, snacks, deodorants, sanitizers, peanut butter, fragrance candles and other similar items in the central console.

living in a tesla

A Tesla Model X | Source – Tesla

Sleeping in the Model X is achieved with the help of sleeping mats in the 2nd and 3rd row of seats. In most of the cases, office and sleeping places are the same, the same 2nd and 3rd row of seats used interchangeably. When not sleeping, Nico straightens up the seats and keeps the boot space empty for accommodating the luggage of his passengers while he is riding for Lyft. After working in Tesla for almost 4 years, Nico now works as a driver with Lyft.

Since Tesla has an option which automatically unlocks the car when the key is in the vicinity, this has proved slightly problematic for Nico. Since he sleeps inside the car and keeps the keys inside while sleeping, the car gets automatically unlocked. He also mentions that were incidents when people actually tried to break into the car because of this.

However, he did find out a way to overcome this. Nico now wraps his keys in aluminum foil to shield the Bluetooth radiation. This way the car remains locked even when the key is in the vicinity.

Nico mentions that living in a Tesla is indeed interesting. Some of the perks include unlimited free supercharging, does not need to pay for gas, and he also gets to live in really rich neighborhoods ( in the car). He also gets to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature outside most of the times because of Tesla’s Autopilot Feature.

He does have a point here. For those of you who lead a minimalistic life, Living in a Tesla, or any other car for that matter is something to be tried. You do not have to pay any house rent and gets to live on a sustainable form of energy.

Nico, in one of his vlogs in the Youtube Channel Teslavanlife was seen as saying that after living in the car for four months, its the best decision that he has made in his life.

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