LocusBots are Creating Major Ripples in the Logistics Industry


LocusBots are Autonomous Robots specialized in cart picking and transferring. These become primarily useful in E-Commerce and other warehouses where you have a constant need of picking, packing and dispatching items within the shortest periods of time.

The LocusBots are boasted to increase the overall warehouse efficiency by accelerating the process of cart picking and dropping. They do so by assisting the warehouse workers. LocusBots are equipped with full Autonomous Navigation Technology which gives them the ability to analyze the entire warehouse and navigate on its own.

LocusBots completely eliminate the traditional scenarios of where you see workers walking around with the carts. LocusBots display all the details required for the pickers. This includes Location Number, Skew Number, Lot Number, and Quantity. Hence it is very easy for the workers to verify this information and pick the item. The workers have to just drop the item in LocusBot and they are dropped off at the drop location.

Other features of the LocusBots includes their ability in understanding and interpreting worker’s languages to speed up the working process. The Pick and Place operations have enhanced efficiency achieved with the help of an Integrated Onboard Scanner. This scanner ensures that the correct item is picked up and dropped.


A LocusBot

Locus also provides real-time statistics which can be accessed even from your mobile phones. This really magnifies the visibility of the operational processes, especially for managers and supervisors in making strategic operational plans and decisions.

LocusBots are picking up momentum in that many of the Logistics Companies are currently employing Locus Bots in their warehouses. LocusBots in Cyber Week picked up over 1.4 million units from the E-Commerce Garages. The total number of picks in the month of November, however, peaked up to 3.5 Million Units. These numbers come out from the 75 Million customers who placed orders during Cyber Week.

These numbers from the Cyber Weeks are indicative of the fact that LocusBots are indeed capable of adapting to the increased pressures of pick and drop which could result from extreme spikes in the orders. These are even more true in the case of E-Commerce warehouses where seasonal shopping crowd can put a lot of o pressure on the warehouse workers to select, pick and dispatch the orders on time.

Brian Mesmerism, President, Quiet Logistics on LocusBots was quoted as saying, “The Locus Empower Solution solves critical problems that company like Quiet Logistics faces, that is making workers more efficient, reducing cost per unit, allowing for faster and accurate order picking than traditional warehousing automation.”


A LocusBot at Work | Source – Quiet Logistics

The big players in the Logistics Industry, such as DHL are deploying LocusBots in their warehouses and have also started recognizing the impact created by these Bots.

Mike Nowell, General Manager, DHL Supply Chain, North America mentions that Locus Robotics was the type of product they needed to reduce cycle times. He also added that LocusBots have improved their cycle times so as to get the product at the door on time by service level cutoffs.

Adrian Kumar, VP Solutions Design, DHL Supply Chain North America was also seen as mentioning that they were able to increase productivity by two times and that there is room for more. It is hence by no doubt that Locus Robotics is creating ripples in the Logistics Industry by increasing warehouse efficiencies.

LocusBots could offer a real helping hand in scenarios where there is a high increase in orders or when there are shortages of human resources. Additionally, one main point that makes the LocusBots really useful is that they increase the productivity of the current human resource available in the warehouse.


The pick and place assistance by Locus Bots ensures that warehouse workers will no longer have to keep moving about from their positions. This saves up a lot of time which the workers or supervisors can divert to some other task, thereby directly increasing the warehouse productivity.

Bruce Welty, Founder, and Chairman, Locus Robotics, mentions that they have been building and supporting warehouse activities by using technology for decades. What came next was the fusion of their learning into technology in the most effective manner resulting in the LocusBots designed to increase Warehouse Productivity by considerable margins. He further added that Locus Robotics was started as a Robotics Company within a Warehouse.

Locus Robotics is creating major ripples in the Logistics Sector by providing a simple yet remarkable and innovative technology-based solution for solving some of the most common problems found in Logistics Warehouses.


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