Lyft Extends Helping Hand During the Shutdown

With the longest shutdown in the history of the United States extending to the fifth week, a large number of Government Servants are currently being impacted by the loss of pay.

According to a report in the USA Today, nearly 800,000 Government Workers have been working in the absence of proper pay.  A considerable number of Federal Departments have also been closed down.

However, with the U.S going through its longest shutdown, Lyft, the company focused on Ride-Sharing and Self-Driving Cars have now decided to extend their helping hands for the affected sections.

The supported extend by Lyft comes in the form of Free Gas Cards, the introduction of an option to donate via the Lyft App to United for U.S Fund, and Relief Rides.


Source – Lyft Press Kit

The Gas Cards will prove to be a huge relief for drivers who are federal employees.  The Lyft Hubs will serve as the point of distribution for these cards. The same can be picked up by drivers after validating their identity with the help of Federal ID Cards. The Gas Card Distribution is set to start at the beginning of the coming week.

This is not the first time that Lyft has offered Relief Rides in emergency situations. In the past, Lyft was seen to offer Relief Rides to victims and volunteers in emergency and disastrous situations. Some of the notable instances include California Wildfires, Las Vegas Shooting Incidents, and the Hurricane hit areas in Texas and Florida.

Lyft has also introduced an option for its users to directly donate to United for U.S Fund. Lyft users can do so with the help of the ‘Donate’ button located in the menu of the Lyft Raid Hailing Application. The difference in rate between the fare amount and the nearest rounded dollar value is taken and donated for charity.

The official blog page of Lyft also lists down the list of participating Hub Locations. Users can refer to the same in case of the need for any assistance.