Major Players in the Smart Home Industry

Major players in the Smart Home Industry includes those companies which have very much established themselves in the market for Smart Home Devices. These companies are major stakeholders when it comes to the Smart Home Segment. With the disruption in the number of technology advanced smart devices increasing more than ever, and with more and more people putting trust in Smart Home Devices, it is necessary to get to know of the key players in this industry, to make informed and well-planned decisions – either as a consumer, or an investor.


Major players in the smart home industry

Internet Mammoth Google is the first one in the list. Google has been investing heavily in the Smart Device Segment for a while now. Their investments in terms of money and time have indeed paid off since they were able to come up with some of the most Innovative Smart Gadgets of all time. One such invention is the Google Assistant Powered Google Home and Google Home Mini. Smart Assistants such as Google Home have made the task of using Smart Devices seamless and easy. The much lesser priced Google Home Mini in the affordable consumer segment is one other example. Google Home Hub is a Smart Display which can also act as a miniature Home Hub. All these Google devices form very good control points in achieving communication between different Smart Gadgets in your house such as Smart Lights, Thermostats, Smart Doorbells and many more.


major players in the smart home industry

E-Commerce leader Amazon stepped into the Smart Device segment with the introduction of Amazon Alexa. Similar to Google, Amazon also produces Smart Hubs such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, and Amazon Echo Plus. These are yet another set of devices that can act as a controlling and coordinating center between different Smart Devices, allowing you to use them from a single point, instead of having to operate each device separately. Alexa also assists in shopping on Amazon as it enables you to vocally order for products.


major players in the smart home industry

Yet another name among the Major Players in the Smart Home Industry is Nest. Nest Products are well received by Smart Home enthusiasts due to a lot of consumer benefiting factors. Their products primarily include Thermostats, Doorbells, Cameras, Alarm System and Door Locks. Most of Nest’s flagship products are Smart Home Security Products that enable Remote Smart Home Surveillance and Control via the Nest Smart App. They also do pretty well in syncing with Google Home and Home Mini. Nest Smart Security products do a pretty good job of securing your smart home from almost everything.


major players in the smart home industry

One of the biggest Electronic Manufactures, Philips took a name in the Smart Home Segment by the introduction of their Smart Light Brand – The Philips Hue. In fact, Philips is currently one of the Market Leaders when it comes to Smart Lights. Philips Hue was one of the first brands to introduce the idea of Mood Lighting. The fact that the Philips Hue Light comes configured to work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa helps to a great extent to achieve the real purpose of having Smart Lights.


major players in the smart home industry

Belkin is yet another player in Smart Home Segment. They established themselves in the Smart Home Segment through the introduction of Smart Outlets and Smart Switches. The ideas associated with their products were very much influential for the average consumer segments – one example of which would be the Smart Socket that lets you control of the amount of power that you pull from the socket by turning off the power supply when more than the specified power is being pulled. Their products helps in the efficient utilization of energy by keeping a check on the power drained.


major players in the smart home industry

Samsung too holds its fair share of space when it comes to Smart Homes. The SmartThings hub would be one such example. The hub being compatible with a lot of Smart Devices helps in syncing different devices and also allows to have a centralized control unit for controlling and regulating these Smart Devices. They also produce Smart Products such as Motion Detection Sensors, Smart Outlets, Water Leak Sensors and Tracking Devices.

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