MI Air Purifier 2S – The Smart Air Purifier

What if, in order to purify room of all the pollutants, all you had to do was Ask. With the MI Purifier 2S, this is no more an impossible situation. The MI Air Purifier 2S is an air purifying solution ideal for your bedrooms, living room or your kitchen. Though the Air Purifiers are something which everyone is aware of and requires no detailed description, there are many things that sets the MI Air Purifier 2S apart from other normal Air Purifiers, the most striking parameter of which is its smartness. Yes. The MI Air Purifier is a Smart Air Purifier and comes loaded with a lot of customizable options.

The quality of air that one breathes in is really important. Especially, with the quality of inhalable Global Air content going down at an alarming rate, due to Air Pollution caused by a lot of human factors, it has become a real necessity to keep a check on the air you are breathing. Due to the widespread air pollution that is currently happening, breathable air has become very much difficult to find, even within homes. Breathing in polluted air with can have a lot of detrimental effects on your health – including allergies, breathing problems and many other serious health conditions that could bring down your entire bodily functions. What more reasons are required for having an Efficient Air Purifier.

MI Air Purifier 2S

As mentioned earlier, the MI Air Purifier 2S is a Smart Air Purifier. It can be Voice-Controlled. However, it does not directly take commands from the user and will need to be connected to Voice Assistants such as the Amazon Alexa. In this case, you will be providing the commands to Alexa which will then route it through the Air Purifier to get the job done.

Another capability that makes the MI Air Purifier 2S Smart is the option to control this device remotely. Once the device is set up and configured with the MI Home App, you can control it through the App from almost anywhere. You can also check the room purity remotely through the app and set the customize the purification process accordingly even before you are in its presence. This means you don’t have to wait till you get home to actually start the air purification process. You can start the Air Purifier on your way back home. This is a really convenient feature that lets you know how much of a polluted setting you are walking into and accordingly purify the air so that is completely safe to breathe in. Once you switch it to the Auto Mode, it can assess the level of impurity in the air and set up purification processes accordingly, by itself. The App also helps keep the Safety Factor in check by periodically notifying the user when it is time to change the Air Filter.  Its smartness is not merely limited to alerts on changing the air filter, but it also checks on the newly added Air Filter using  RFID Tags and hence ensures that you will be using only Original MI Air Filters.

The MI Air Purifier has an OLED Display which acts as an Information Hub for monitoring PM levels in the room. You can read out the PM 2.5 Levels to check how breathable the air is. For those who do not know what a PM Level is – it is the amount of Particulate Matter in the air. Additionally, it also displays the Temperature and Humidity Levels in the room. This OLED Display has an Automatic Brightness Adjustment Capability that analyzes the amount of light in the room and adjusts its brightness accordingly. Hence it makes itself readable all even in bright light settings and also ensures that you are not disturbed even a little bit because of its brightness when you are sleeping. The Mi Air Purifier 2S also has a sleep mode, which brings down its noise to almost zero, to help you have a sound sleep.

The filtration mechanism of this Air Purifier is truly commendable. It employs filtration at three layers, each layer of which removes a particular set of pollutants based on their nature and size. The outer layer focuses on removing common pollutants such as Dust. The Second layer focuses on much smaller particles such as Microorganisms. The Third Layer. made with Carbon, removes chemicals and other Air Odours. The fact that this Smart Air Purifier filters out Dust, Hair and other Particulate matter let you keep the room clean as well. This Smart Air Purifier also stands out in terms of its working efficiency. With a speed of purification at 310 Cubic Metres per hours, it can get the job done pretty quickly. That is some speed considering the size of the device.

Coming to the looks, the MI Air Purifier 2S has a highly compact and minimalistic, yet stylish design. It comes with a circular OLED display on the top center part. The presence of one in your room definitely adds to the elegance of your room. The fact that it is compact helps in placing it almost anywhere in your room. It is easy to be transported as well. Though the presence of the 936 holes on the Air Purifier is to take in the air, it also adds a plus point to the Style Factor of the device.

Overall, the MI Air Purifier 2S will be a great addition to your Smart Home. It is Intelligent, Efficient and Easy to use as well as Maintain. With all the features that it hosts, the price tag with which it comes is truly worth it.