Nest Aware for Uninterrupted Smart Home Monitoring

Nest Aware is a cloud-based service from Nest Smart Devices, predominantly used for configuring and storing video footages recorded through Nest Smart Devices such as Nest Video Doorbells or Cameras.

The Nest Aware is capable of recording and storing, in an uninterrupted fashion, the footages of in and around your house depending on which Nest Device you are using. This helps to ensure that you have a complete and continuous recording of your home and its surroundings via your Nest Device. These recordings can be used later on for general references for the future or as specific references during incidents of theft or robbery.

Nest Aware

Nest Hello Doorbell | Source – Nest

The resolution and features of the recording might change based on the Nest Smart Device that you are using. For example, the Nest Hello Doorbell supports HD Video Recording with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The Nest IQ comes with 1080p Video Recording and Night Vision.

What distinguishes the Nest Aware from other similar cloud service providers is that fact it provides more than just a video recording experience. Other than recording just clips (which many similar services do), Nest Aware has a 24×7 monitoring ability.

Within its video footages, Nest Aware can also distinguish between humans and inanimate objects. They also come with Face Recognition and Noise Detection (ability to detect and distinguish different noises). This helps the Nest Devices and Application to distinguish between a Family Member and a Stranger and send notifications to your phone accordingly.

Yet another capability that makes the Nest Aware unique are ‘Activity Zones’. You can set up ‘Activity Zones’ in particular areas in or around the house. These would be areas that you would want to specially monitor, places where thieves or burglars are more likely to sneak in. These might include but are not limited to Safes, Lockers or Baby Beds. On noticing anything unusual in these areas, the user will immediately be notified of the same.

Nest Aware Subscription Plans

In order to use the Nest Aware, you will need to choose from one of its subscription plans. The details of the plans are as given below –

Nest Aware Subscription Plans

Nest Aware Subscription Plans | Source – Nest

Currently, three subscription plans are active – 5-day, 10-day, and 30-day. It is worthwhile to note that all the three plans come with 24/7 Continous Recording, Intelligent Alerts, Clips and timelapse, and Activity Zones. The only feature that varies among these subscriptions is the duration of the Video History.

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