Nuro To Revolutionize Self-Driving Delivery Segment

Nuro, a U.S based Robotics Company founded in 2016 by two of Waymo’s Principal Engineers – Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu are clearly creating ripples in the Robotic Delivery Segment. Nuro goes with the mission of applying Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to benefit and complement day to day human life.

Though companies like Toyota and Starship Technologies are also working on similar Self-Driving Delivery Vehicle Concepts, Nuro clearly has a headstart over its competitors since it has already started deploying its Self-Driving Cars for delivering food and groceries.

Nuro along with Kroger had recently launched Self-Driving Delivery services in the streets of Arizona. Though the association of these two companies was announced as early as in June 2018, it was not until recently that they rolled out their first-ever real-time self-driving delivery services in Nuro Prototype Vehicles.


Nuro Self-Driving Delivery Vehicle in action | Source – Nuro

Food delivery constitutes a major chunk of the Restaurant Industry Revenue in the United States. According to a report in Statista, in 2015 alone, the consumers had spent a whopping 30 Billion U.S Dollars on Food Delivery. Of this figure, an impressive 4 Billion U.S Dollars were from Online Delivery alone.

These past statistics are solid indicators of the fact that the Consumer Industry in the U.S does depend a lot on Content Delivery, either offline or online. Content Delivery, may that be food or groceries is something which influences the daily life of consumers.

The introduction of AI and Self-Driving Technolgy into the Delivery Segment is hence an easy way to make this technology a part of the day to day life of consumers and thereby familiarize them with the radical and life-changing Self-Driving Technology.

Employing Self-Driving or Robotic Cars for delivery also aids companies in increasing their revenues. Using robots for delivery will help the Restaurants or Delivery Service Providers to divert human resources to other useful tasks thereby ensuring a flexible and efficient deployment of human resources, which indirectly contributes to the company revenue.

The Nuro Autonomous Vehicles are specially designed for delivery services. Looking at the design of their prototypes it can be easily understood that that whole vehicle has been designed by keeping in mind of all the characteristics required for Safe Autonomous Delivery, for the content it carries, as well as for the human life around it. Some of the notable features include Controlled Speed of 25 miles per hour,  Compact and Ergonomic Design and utmost importance on Safety.

The Compactness and Lightweight nature of the Nuro Robotic Car also adds an additional point on the safety part. The vehicle on facing an immediate braking situation can do so owing to its lightweight nature.

For the time being, Nuro Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles will be limited to local errands only. As of now, no updates on bringing the delivery services through highways were made.