Oval Smart Lock to Offer One Touch Keyless Lock and Unlock

Oval Smart Lock boasts to revolutionize the act of locking and unlocking doors with the touch of a button. The typical life of any working man has become so hectic and busy that forgetfulness is something which accompanies him all day long. One such common situation to which the current day modern man falls victim to is forgetting keys. No one is to blame for leaving behind their keys in the office or losing them on the way. Think of a different situation. You are in the office on a really busy day. That is when you receive a call from your one of your friends or family who has decided to pay you a surprise visit and they are right now at your doorstep. The only set of keys are with you. What would you do? Such situations are when the conventional Key and Lock system become useless.

Carrying a bunch of keys with you is not just inconvenient, but is also old-fashioned and inefficient. This becomes particularly evident when you live in a family with considerable number of members – how many keys are you going to get for a lock ?

Oval Smart Lock promises to waive off all these inconveniences associated with the conventional method of using keys for locking and unlocking by introducing One-Touch keyless lock/unlock mechanism. The Oval Smart Lock is what we can call as Digitalizing Access.

The way how the Oval Smart Lock works is relatively simple. You need to first download the Oval App and configure the same with your Smartphone. Once you are set and done pairing your smartphone with Oval Smart Lock, you are ready to go. All you have to do now is to keep your finger on the face of the lock and it unlocks in a span of seconds. You can only unlock if you have the paired device with you while touching the lock face. This is because a communication happens between the lock and your smartphone for confirming the identity to start the unlock process. This communication is said to be encrypted and specific to the paired device in the vicinity.

Now, get back to the second situation cited earlier. With the Oval Smart Lock in place, you can remotely lock or unlock your door from almost anywhere. Hence, in case of a surprise visit from friends or family, you can always let them into your home without having to make them wait till you get home.

Apart from the unlocking the doors for guests, you also have the options to send them temporary guest keys. These keys work similar to OTPs and are valid for very short durations, just enough for them to unlock. In case you have a guest coming in for a longer period, you can have his access configured in the Oval lock as well.

The usability of the Oval Smart Lock is even more evident in the case of families with a considerable number of members. Each of the phones of the members can be synced with the Oval Smart Lock so that each of them has the access to lock or unlock doors – you are free from the burden of getting a dedicated key for each member.

The Oval Smart Lock is currently an active Project in Kickstarter. If you think this smart lock would be a great addition to your smart home, feel free to support the project on Kickstarter.

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