Tesla Says, Over 3100 Tesla Superchargers Added in 2018

As 2018 nears to an end, Tesla has released the number of Superchargers that it had added in the whole of 2018. Over the course of a year, over 3100 Tesla Superchargers were added throughout the United States and Europe, with US numbers being greater than of the Europe Numbers.

Tesla made this announcement through its official Twitter Page –

Tesla superchargers

Tesla’s tweet on Superchargers added in 2018 | Source – Twitter

Tesla also added that currently the Tesla Superchargers now cover approximately 99% of the US Population and 97% of the Europe Population and also that these numbers will continue to grow at a similar or more pace in 2019.

As of now, per the latest numbers from Tesla, there are around 1,386 Supercharger stations with 11,583 Superchargers. These numbers are approximated over Asia, North America, and Europe and the Middle East.

The implementation and distribution of superchargers¬†throughout the US were one of the best corporate strategies that Tesla had implemented. This tactical move enabled to increased the consumer’s confidence in Tesla Cars by many folds.

The presence of Tesla Superchargers has actually increased people’s confidence in taking their Tesla Electric Cars for cross country and state travels. Tesla is the only Electric Car Company which you can confidently take out for a cross-country ride owing to the presence of charging points.

Steve Wozniak, in one of his interviews with CNBC, was seen as saying how confident he feels on taking Tesla out for a drive. This confidence is mainly attributed to the presence of a considerable number of charging points between cities as compared to other Electric Car Companies. He also added that electric cars from other companies such as BMW are meant for rides within the cities.

tesla superchargers

A Tesla Supercharger Station | Source – Tesla

Tesla is also working on increasing the number of Superchargers in urban areas. This will further increase consumer confidence in taking the Tesla out for more and more of inter-city rides as well. Most of these charging points will be designed around shopping malls or downtown locations.

Since users will anyway be notified when charging is completed, through the Tesla App, you can easily plug in your car for charging and get done with your shopping in the meanwhile. We might see most of these coming up in 2019.

Tesla is also planning to partner up with shopping centers, restaurants and hotels around the globe to set up superchargers and Destination Charging Centres with Tesla Charging to make available to the users a wide variety of travel routes to choose from.


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