Oxbotica To Start Mapping London Streets From Canary Wharf

Oxbotica, one of the startup companies in London involved in developing Self-Driving Cars has been making notable progress in the field of Autonomous Navigation. The company had already released a video of one of their test cars mapping specific areas of the street and then driving autonomously through the mapped area.

Oxbotica Self-Driving Cars are taking a step further by initiating the process for mapping the streets of London. Currently, the approximate timeline for mapping the whole of London is speculated at around 18 months.

As cited by Andy Boland, CEO Addison Lee Group, there are two main steps in the development of Oxbotica Addison Lee Self-Driving Cars. Of the two, the Mapping Project forms the first and foremost step in the process for deploying Self-Driving Cars in London by 2021. The second step would be building and integrating self-driving technology into the operating models.


An Oxbotica Self-Driving Car

Dr. Graeme Smith, the CEO of Oxbotica was seen as giving a glimpse into the importance of the Mapping Process. The surrounding of the car is mapped in 3-D using the sensors. The mapping process will cover road signs, traffic signals, roads, and turns. This will help the car in understanding what is actually around it, rather than being aware of its location alone. The map which is collected in advance is then compiled and analyzed with the map the car collects in real-time to help the car to successfully navigate autonomously.

The Mapping Process will start with Canary Wharf, one of the prominent financial hubs and iconic places in the United Kingdom. Its infrastructural set up resembles some of the biggest international cities. The entire estate, despite occupying a total of only 97 acres has some of the best infrastructures in the UK. Starting off the mapping process in a city with similarities to that of international cities will help sharpen the mapping process and bring out practical challenges that may arise real-time.

Canary Wharf does welcome the Self-Driving Technology with an open heart. Mark Nallan, Head of IT and Innovation, Canary Wharf Group adds that the place is looking for innovations to partner with them. Mark does seem a lot excited on the arrival of Oxbotica-Addison Lee Self-Driving cars to Canary Wharf.

A major chunk of the population in Canary Wharf are active in availing public transportation, primarily the London Buses. Since one of the major objectives associated with Self-Driving Cars is to create automated shared fleets for public transportation, initiating the deployment of  Self-Driving Test cars in a city depended heavily on public transport is a great way to kickstart the testing for real-time applications.


Source – Oxbotica