Porsche Tycan in India – Launch Date, Pricing, and Competition

Porsche AG seems to be actively contributing to the upcoming Electrification Revolution in the Automobile Industry with its Mission E Concept, now called the Tycan. Tycan marks Porsche’s first major ripple in the Electric Vehicle Segment.

Now, ever since the news of the Taycan’s commercial release in 2020 hit the screens, car enthusiasts have been asking the question on when the Porsche Taycan is going to be introduced in India.

porsche tycan in india

Porsche Tycan on the test tracks | Source – Porsche

Taycan is Coming to India

Porsche says that it is completely optimistic and positive on launching the Tycan in India.  The Director of Porsche India, Pavan Shetty, while speaking to Times of India mentioned that Porsche finds a bright future for their cars in India. This, he said, in addition to the fact that over the past year, Porsche has seen decreased sales of its cars in India. He attributed the considerable decrease in sales from 2017 to 2018 to the limited availability of the Cayenne for a period of about 6 months.

The placement of India in the Automobile Market could also be one reason as to why Porsche decided to put Taycan on to the Indian Roads. According to a report from Statista, India holds the fifth position among the Largest Automobile Markets in the world in terms of the number of car registrations in 2018.

These numbers prove that the Indian crowd is forever looking forward to getting their hands on new wheels. Also, with the Government Support, the Sustainable Mobility Concept seems to be going in full swing in India and hence the Porsche Taycan in India could be a pretty sweet fit.

Taycan in India could face Competition from Tesla

tesla sentry mode

A Tesla Model S | Source – Tesla Press

The timing at which Taycan is expected to make its way to India is in 2020. Surprisingly, it is approximately the same time during which Tesla is expected to make entry to the Indian Market as well. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla had recently announced that Tesla is making its way into India in late 2019 or early 2020.

If indeed Tesla comes to India, that is going to create some really tough competition for the Taycan. Though at this point, it is not sure as to which model Tesla plans to launch in India, it is highly probable that the company will launch its flagship premium Sedan, the Model S, which could put in a really tough competition with the Taycan since both the cars share similar price ranges.

Expected Release Date

Though an official release date has yet been declared, it is expected that the Taycan will make its way into the Indian Market in the early 2020 – mostly in February or March of the first quarter. These expectations are in sync with Porsche’s plan for the commercial plan for the production of Taycan as well.

According to a press release from Porsche, the company plans to invest nearly 6 Billion Euro in electromobility by 2022. Of this, a whopping 500 Million Euros will be used for the production of the Taycan and associated vehicles.

Taycan’s Pricing

Taycan is expected to be released in India with a minimum price tag of Rs 1.50 crore. This, however, is an expected starting price and may go up depending on the variants (if any). A price tag of 1.50 crores on an electric vehicle is pretty heavy. But apart from being just a performance-based electric car, the Taycan is, after all, is a Porsche. Porsche cars have always seen a warm welcome from the wealthy Indian crowd regardless of the price. As mentioned earlier, this might put the car in nearly the same price segment as the Tesla Model S.